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Heath Ledger’s Final Portrait

Heath Ledger’s Final Portrait, Pictures, Photos

It “was an idea we discussed together and came up with… it was about how we all have different consciences and voices in our head that tell us what to do and how to react. They’re not good or bad, they’re just voices that we hear, telling us how to behave. That’s what the other figures are in the painting,” says the artist, Vincent Fantauzzo, who painted Heath just weeks before his death.

Something tells me this is going to end up as a poster on the wall of teenagers everywhere for many years to come.

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  • too bad he had to drown out those “voices” with a handful of psychotropics. can’t they just leave the guy the fuck alone?

  • Who really gives a crap. Why dont I draw a picture of my turd bomb and show everyone. Samething.

    Ahhh feel sorry for little heathy….Screw that. The guy got into drugs and died because he was not the brightest bulb. Sad. The, lets turn him into a hero- like the Jim Morrison- is just stupid.

  • What the fuck Al Lazzerman?
    you have no heart.
    He was making TWO movies and never got any sleep so like alot of people… he took sleeping pills asshole.
    he overdosed on them cause he couldnt get to sleep!!!!
    what is wrong with people?

  • i agree savanna
    al lazzerman, you are a prick.
    get your fucking facts wright before you start saying shit like “he got into drugs”
    he took sleeping pills! yeah they’re drugs but its not like he was an addict.
    Heath ledger we love you and may you rest in peace :)

  • I agree. Fuck you al!! Heath and Jim were two of the greatest things to ever grace this planet. Without them, there wouldn’t be that amazing joker, those blood-curdling lyrics, and two amazing people!! Heath did amazing things for people and Jim inspired people!!