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Hello, Joan Collins

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I mean, she looks good for being 105 years old, but did one of face lifts accidentally move her left eye a full inch above her right?

Has it always been like that?

I did some research, and the answer is a resounding no.


In this picture, from 1981, her left eye is decidedly lower than her right.

All that plastic surgery has actually resulted in her eyes switching positions on her face. Like, by entire inches.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

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  • i think she looks great because at least she’s ecouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery, which we all know a lot of our latina sisters have resorted to ummm, ninel conde come to mind? Seems she is also on interracial dating service “mixedfriends dotcom”. I saw some pics looks like her very much at that club. Maybe you want to check it out.

  • Beet,your spammers are getting so ridiculous I can almost cry
    “she is encouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery,blah,blah”
    at 70 something Joan Collins does better than that

  • It was not uncommon for pics to be flipped for artistic affect…
    It happens now as well. I have seen it in some movies, the lower budget ones don’t bother to correct the test in the background reading in reverse.

  • Her eyes don’t look anywhere near an inch lower or higher. You must be high right now.
    Sure she has had plastic surgery, but not anywhere near these young starlets. at least her lips aren’t plumped like the ho’s of nowdays.
    She looks great for her age, or almost any age.
    Hateraide todayA?

  • You know they flip pictures all the time, so what makes you think it’s not the same eye that’s lower? And really, I don’t notice that much of a difference in the height of her eyes. I think she looks pretty good!

  • Q: What does Joan Collins put behind her ears to make herself more attractive to men?”

    A: Her ankles.

  • She has always had very very wide set eyes..
    I don’t see sings of plastic surgery at all. And if so then very little..She seems to have naturally aged to me.
    And so what how old she is..We all get to live until we die..Don’t we? Where does it say that we may not live life to it’s fullest for every second of it?That once the body shows signs of age, we can’t love, laugh or enjoy living anymore?
    All young people need to take a reality check..Life isn’t some privlledge only the young are allowed enjoy.

  • My advise to my fav gossip trash actress is not to be so cocky or to know so much about anybody and about everything that makes you old….Ian, the famous British actor once said that he likes to go out with young lads (mostly :) because they don’t comment about anything…like old people do.

  • For all your information, Joan Collins is one of the FEW people in Hollywood who has never had plastic surgery and YES that picture is flipped it was printed in people mag if you care to check it ;-) and just for the record she has never had an kind of botox either, GOOD LUCK to the Haterz here to look so good at 77 years old!!!!!!! Jealous B**ches!! I think she looks amazing she always did! I can only hope I look half that good at 50!! let alone 77 and she is in amazing physical shape too! Good for you Joan Collins you are beautiful and have shown the world you can be sexy at any age!! KUDOS!!!