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OMG This Is So Not a Big Deal

So everyone’s going fucking nuts because Jane Fonda said “cunt” on The Today Show.

She was talking about the name of a monologue she was supposed to read in a play.

It’s not that big a deal, people. Get over it.

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  • She is a pig wallowing in her own filth still, traitor, commie and shouldn’t be allowed out among decent people without a stoning. . .

  • A little diddy for ya’ll.

    here a cunt.
    there a cunt.
    everywhere a cunt cunt.

    German version:
    here a koont
    there a koont
    everywhere a koont koont.

  • i’m on a mission to reclaim the word cunt. i say it all the time, and some people get really shocked and offended. but i think it’s time that women owned the word, instead of being degraded by it.

  • Yes, it’s not a big deal. I was so surprised when I saw her profile at a millionaire and celebs site named It is said he is interested in dating wealthy guys over there. But don’t know if it is true.

  • It’s one of my favourite swearies! No big deal.

    Though from what I’ve seen, in North America it is mostly used as a derogatory term for women. Which makes it more offensive to some people.
    In the UK it’s more likely to be applied to a man. I have no idea why this is so – we don’t call women ‘pricks’…. ;-)
    I’ve heard things like ‘He’s a right cunt’ from Brits all my life. But the only times I’ve heard ‘She’s a cunt’, it was from Americans or Canadians.

    Maybe women DO need to reclaim the c-word!