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Somebody’s a Little Bit Pregnant


It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

It’s …

Melissa Joan Hart?

She’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

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  • by Hollywood standards, yes…by normal ones, she just looks like a regular woman at the very end of a healthy pregnancy.

  • That chick makes me barf. She’s always been so irritatingly ugly, I don’t understand how she ever had a career. Look at that potato face.

  • HA HA HA Horse!!!

    She actually is kinda big, only cuz she is short, her hands are a wee bit puffy, and so isnt her face… it almost doesnt look like her.

  • Ugh! Just shows how unmarketable some people are once they gain weight. You’d have to pay me to watch her and then she’d still have to be falling down some stairs when I did. Her face!
    She may be preggo…but she doesn’t look like she took any time to look good either, just threw on a grey horse blanket and combed back her unwashed hair. blech

  • she got really big with her first one too, she must be very tiny normally because every pound shows.

  • I think its a miracle she even felt like getting dressed, going out and standing up and walking around as huge as she is during the pregnancy. I’d want to be on bed rest. kudos to her.

  • I didn’t even know that was her! WOW!!! She ain’t lookin too sweet, but she’s pregnant, DUH! Like the person before me said, Kudos to her for even getting dressed & leaving the house! :)

  • She’s beautiful and will have a healthy and happy child. Now you can all go back to anorexia land (Hollywood).

  • Oh please, YOU try being 8 months + pregnant and not being a bloated mess. Seriously! She’ll be fine after the baby’s born and she can get back to herself.

  • sorry but I always looked much better than this, even when I was giving birth.
    but some women really develop this look
    the boots are totally out of synch with the dress.
    she looks happy,of course
    pregnancy does that to most women

  • Look for her in the daily news health story installments of obese women walking away from the camera and the tractor ass syndrome they’ve picked up at Walmert.

  • OMG what the hell happened to her and what the hell is that thing beside her fuckin uuuuuggggllllyyy my god

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