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Bouncing Back



Christina Aguilera made her first public appearance since delivering her baby boy yesterday at a Best Buy in West Hollywood.

She was promoting the release of her new DVD set, “Back To Basics: Live And Down Under,” and also promoting her post-pregnancy boobage.

She looks tired.

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  • WHY must she always wear SO much makeup? It’s disgusting, really. It doesn’t look good. What in the world could be so wrong with her real face that she feels the need to plaster it on so thick?

  • Heehee, Andrea made me laugh.

    She looks super classy. Are you sure she didn’t come from the kid’s bris (I was about to write christening).

  • The Best Buy thing jumped out at me, too, Andrea. An in-store delivery may have been cool. But it may have soured Christina’s relationships with other retailers, many of whom might have demanded that Christina birth babies at their outposts. That’s more of a Paris Hilton kind of thing.

  • Looks good for just having a baby, dont see tired, that blush to me just always looks like she is bruised after someone punched her in the face or something…the boobies are huge post preg., or are they fake?

  • the boobs are not fake
    they are honest to God implants
    and she’s obviously breastfeeding
    you can see the large veins under their skin
    unmistakable sign of lactacion

  • Mamba X, when you say “honest to God implants” do you mean they are got given boobies? Just checking cause I’m a little slow. Guess if she is breastfeeding they are real.

  • I mean she bought them
    they are hers
    not fake
    they are true commercial implants
    and a woman can breastfeed even when she had implants done
    IMHO there are no fake boobs
    either they are homegrown
    or surgical grown
    but they are always true

  • I wish she would take all that stupid make-up off she would look much better without it less is better guys don’t like alot of make-up anyway I wish girls would wake up and realize they don’t need all that crap on there face a little mascara and lip gloss is enough. right guys?