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David Beckham Is Naked on the Sunset Strip

David Beckham Armani Billboard on the Sunset Strip, Pictures, Photos

Yes, that’s right, his Armani ad has hit the Strip.

I’d ride that shit.

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  • David Beckham has been opted out of the England squad and it has been one of the much-talked issues in world football in the last few days. Though his lack of competitive football in the last few months was shown as the most likely ground for his exclusion, but many also pointed out that his side trip to Sierra Leon and Brazil during training with Arsenal side made Capello to come down hard on Beckham.

    There are many who also think that the billboard appearance of David Beckham (pictured in the article) might not have impressed Fabio Capello.

  • David Freakin Beckham! God did good when he made David Freakin’ Beckham! I just want to know, why half the male population is exact clones of David Beckham?

    I am now a hater but I do hate Victoria because she gets to sleep with THAT every night.

    David Freakin’ Beckham! That just made my day!

    Thank you EvilBeet for publishing that pic. I need to print it and post it somewhere on my desk.

  • Calm Down….That’s not his penis busting out of his undepants it’s the Millions of $$$ he took from not playing soccer in LA

  • DAMMIT BEET -did you get a real job or something?? you haven’t been posting much stuff lately, and i’m going through witty withdrawals!! i can go to other sites for gossip, but I NEED YOU for your charming sarcasticness. sniff….. sniff…. me need you long time!!!

  • Hey!!! That was not nice!!

    I was drawn in by “David Beckham is NAKED on the Sunset Strip”.

    Thought he pulled some Britney-type episode and was wearing a kilt with no undies under (or something like that!)

    No fair, wanted to see the full Monty. :P

  • By the way, anyone think the supposed nude pics of Becks on the net are real? Sadly, you never know anymore ….

  • I am in love.Will need to suck and tear Davids beautiful arse. Pls we can arrange for a secret meeting that will involve a session of wanking.David keep it up i love ya

  • I want him so bad. He’s so fine… He should have stayed playing soccer(football) in the uk. I’m tired of America mainstreaming every thing they get their hands on.