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Mischa Barton Leaving Lunch at Joans on Third, Pictures, Photos

Mischa Barton and a friend of indiscriminate gender — seriously, is this a guy or a girl? And why did s/he steal my sunglasses in third grade? — chill in LA after having lunch at Joan’s on Third.

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  • wtf, why us she wearing a church dress and sweater ripped on one side? She even has the church lady sunday hat. Wonder what happened to her knee? wait no, I dont want to know. Both looks scream 80’s especially the shades…and Michas purse with the extra long strap, all she needed to do was criss cross it from one shoulder across her chest.

  • I’m just wondering about the little cow in the distance… I don’t find Mischa interesting enough to look at her :-p but the little cow jumped out at me…

  • Oh my!
    when you don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl, it’s a gay
    but these two look totally out
    I remember she used to be in
    but I guess it was just photoshop working.
    I hate her outfit
    I hate her boots
    I have much nicer clothes in my wardrobe
    Thank goodness!

  • wow. i’m game for an ironically offensive joke as much as the next person, but this thread only serves to reinforce my knowledge of just how ignorant most people are. “a gay”? seriously? not to mention the fact that it’s really no one’s business determining anyone else’s gender for them. besides, his gender isn’t even that indeterminate (good correction darth paul).