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Tori is Once Again Knocked Up


There is something in the water in Hollywood. Seriously everyone is having a baby. I understand this is a new trend but one I can not follow. I have a dog…she is enough to handle plus I finally just got back in my jeans after my holiday eating extravaganza.

Tori Spelling…who seemed to just get all skinny again (not that she never was…I mean the woman seemed to gain like 5 pounds when she was preggos) is evidently in her second trimester already.

Her son, Liam, just turned 1 and I guess they are eager to keep expanding their family. This marriage seems to be going strong even though it started out in scandal. I’m happy for Tori and Dean.

Their reality show was also just renewed…ohhhhh a reality show about a woman getting ready to have a baby. That has never been done. Oh…wait…yes is has. Over and over again. Honestly I want to go over to Hollywood and sit the writers and the big wigs down and make them watch “Tori and Dean Inn Love” for 24 hours straight…I bet that would help negotiations.

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  • I can’t stand either of them. She’s strange looking and spoilt. He’s strange looking and a child abandoner. So… I guess they work.

  • good for them but i watched tori and dean inn love once and would really like that hour out of my life returned with a quickness

  • it’s nice to see babies get made on purpose. they started trying as soon as they could after their firstborn.

    i read that there has been a baby boom for the entire country in the last two years, highest since the 60s.

  • they can have a dozen kids
    if I were as rich as she is maybe I would too
    and take good care of them.
    the kids are always the mother’s “business”
    fathers seem to come and go
    maybe that’s his style
    and other ones too

  • I think Tori’s mother didn’t talk to her until Liam (first son) was born. This way they can double lock that inheritance. I may sound cynical, but this is Spelling Money and that’s a grip of cash right there.

  • Do you remember Tori pregnant? She was compared to Jabba the Hutt on other gossip boards. Her face swelled and she had no chin line. She probably gained more than 5 pounds in her face alone.

  • I’m ashamed to admit this, but I really like the 2 of them! She’s really funny & does not seem like she’s the bitch she’s made out to be. Dean is just so darn cute! I don’t think the way they got together was right at all…to each their own.

    Congrats to them now though! :)

  • i’m so ashamed of the baby boom…the world is overpopulated…resources are dwindling (think water)…we keep displacing other species of their territories, polluting, etc. and people keep popping kids like it’s nothing…it is selfish and irresponsible…at least nature will do something to even things out…it should not take that long…and it should be big…

  • Speaking of having-a-baby reality shows- has anyone ever seen “A Baby Story” on TLC? That show is the best birth control ever!! Maybe once all the young celebs see Tori all bitchy and bloated they’ll stop procreating like rabbits.

  • And so ends the marriage of Tori. One child, ugly screwed up pampered pup he could manage with her help, and of course the fame of owning and running a honeymooners INN for the new TV show was nice, yet,.. two kids a ugly pup and her whining I am fat for six months! was kinda hard.. but I was cool with it as her Mother came around and promised some family raising fundage and future industry backing… BUT.. Then IT’S I AM SO DAMN FAT! DO SOMETHING YOU lousy jerk!? Where the hell is my nannies? The new script, our go-fer, the lunch wagon and the dog’s pink rhinestone collar to match my nails? Have you called MOM?!! I hate myself..!! I have to eat you know!!? @-@.. nopes.. Dunzo.. outta here and that nuthouse routine babe!