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I Guess There’s Still an Election Going On


We don’t care much about politics around here — politics is such a downer — but when the stars get involved, we’re obliged to at least post on it.

Extra has compiled a list of which candidates the stars are supporting.

No real surprises here — they lean toward Democrats, and Barack Obama seems to have the majority of star support. Jump in for the full list.

Hillary Clinton
Michael Douglas
Paul Newman
Barbra Streisand
Steven Spielberg
Rob Reiner
Mary Steenburgen
Fran Drescher

Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Dennis Haysbert
Paul Newman
Barbra Streisand
Larry David
Cheryl Hines
Jeff Garlin
Paul Dooley
Will Smith
Chris Rock
Sidney Poitier
Jamie Foxx
Eddie Murphy
Isaiah Washington
Tyra Banks
Morgan Freeman
Halle Berry
Angela Bassett
Forest Whitaker
Hill Harper
Bradford Marsalis
George Clooney
Ed Norton
Jennifer Aniston
Zach Braff
John Cleese
Leonard Nimoy
Brooke Shields
Harry Connick, Jr.
Jackson Browne

John Edwards
Barbra Streisand
Mary Steenburgen
Larry David
Bonnie Raitt
Jackson Browne
James Denton
Sean Penn

Mitt Romney
Pat Boone

John McCain
Lorne Michaels
Jerry Bruckheimer

Rudy Giuliani

Kelsey Grammer
Adam Sandler
Ben Stein

Mike Huckabee
Chuck Norris

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