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I ::Heart:: Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert at Access Hollywood Gifting Suite, Pictures, Photos

Sara Gilbert at Access Hollywood Gifting Suite, Pictures, Photos

Showing up at a gifting suite — where you know there’s gonna be photogs — completely makeup-free?

That’s ballsy.

And awesome.

At the Access Hollywood gifting suite.

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  • agreed. her dome’s a completely different color than the neck-down. 2 options: match the make up to your actual skin color (no shit? yeah, it can be done) or use some bronzer past your fuckin chin. true, she looks like ass but it’s fuckin Darlene!!!

  • Yeah I know she’s not that cute, but she’s so fucking cool. I loved her so much on Roseanne when I was little. She was always talking shit to Becky. Love it!

  • Wow, uhh, I don’t really know what to say here. I’ve always thought Gabrielle was better looking then Xena. Willow turned me on much more then Buffy, and Chloe is hotter to me then Lana, except for Lois Lane of course. I remember growing up watching Roseanne, and I remember Darlene. I thought she was super cute!
    She doesn’t really look too good in these pics. I mean, I can tell it’s her, but I’m wondering what happened. Shoot, I thought she was hot back in the day, and in the first pic up there she almost looks like an alien or something. Wow. Poor honey. Regardless of what her sexuality is, I don’t think make up has anything to do with this. She’s obviously wearing base, ’cause her head is a different color then her body, but who cares. That happens all the time, and it’s not why she looks different either. She’s grown up since then and her facial bone structure has changed. That’s it. She looks different because she is different. She’s older now, and unfortunately I don’t think her genes agree with her line of work.

  • Fuck the Republican party, republicans and the editor of this site!
    God Bless the Dave Matthew band! (Just want to see if the censorship is in full effect mode!)