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Kate Middleton celebrated her 26th birthday with her sister (you can see her in the background here) in London.

She’s so gorgeous and classy, and I adore her sense of style. I’m so excited for when she’s a princess, and then a queen. I think Diana would be proud.

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  • Is it worth it, Kate? Will the future king be man enough to have your back? Prince Charles buckled when it came to Diana. That system has been in play for centuries. Watch out for the grey men.

  • are you all americans singing her praises’? classy – euchhhh no way she’s just a [successful] social climber, and she seems very old for her age too, she looks more mid thirties than mid twenties

  • heyy kate middleton I you she many to please, thing I harry beautiful an girl to find ,both…and how much beautiful …brown hairs,long hairs,lawn eyes,long tall heeeyy furthermore military education experienced both..and officer even of a good family …please to say her name is: hillary family name: possible age : 23 country: A.B.D=washington

  • Gorgeous and classy?
    My foot!
    She is plain, nothing really special and het style is old fashioned.

  • she will never be queen – ever. if they marry and he inherits the role of king [remember charles is gunning for that position too] she [the kate] will only be a princess.

    yes she is old looking for her age – however she cannot dress like paris hilton or leggings lohan really can she? her stylists wouldn’t allow it for one thing.

  • Ella es realmente nada agraciada, bien lejos de la belleza de Diana. Es fea, manos feas, dedos feos.