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“It made me feel a little embarrassed, to be honest. It made me a little sad. It hurt my feelings.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt, to Extra, regarding the controversy surrounding her recent weight gain.

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  • She has the body of a average woman her age. Every woman is not going to be shaped like a 12 yo boy ie Paris Herpes.

  • This is how women should look. Though considered fat by today’s standards, look how sexy Marilyn Monroe (the original Train Wreck) was.

    Who’s the guy picking his nose?

  • Horatio, I think that’s her fiance, Ross McCall. (If you saw Band of Brothers, he was Liebgott.)

  • this is hardly the body of an average woman. according to the national center for health statistics, the average weight of a woman is 163 lbs and height is 5’3″. jlh is at LEAST 20lbs lighter than that. she’s got a gorgeous, healthy, abnormally slim figure that most woman would kill for. we’re just all so inundated with images of eating disorders and photoshop impossibilities that we’ve forgotten what real women look like.

  • Seriously folks, who gives a flying f*ck about her weight gain? Who? 13 year old country white-girls who live in West What The’ F*ck? No one cares and neither does she. She’s living her life like everyone else.

  • Citing the national average is not an argument winner. Just because the average weight and height is 163 lbs and 5’3″ , it shouldn’t be held as a standard.

    I’m a hetero woman (despite my husband begging me otherwise) but wow, nice rack.

  • Gorgeous woman!She is so beautiful with her big eye and boobs.I like her so much!she was said to appeared on

  • She does have a gorgeous face. I hope she has those boulders are properly secured. If they ever broke loose, they could really hurt someone.

  • thank you jennifer for speaking up maybe one little girl will not vomit in the toilet today dont stop talking about it please

  • she dresses to flatter her pear shaped body – well played and a good example of normal womanly body shape, the anti posh spice

  • gorrrd leave her alone its just getting old now seriously shes not even fat just leave her alone! wat did she ever say to u nwt exsactly and its not like ur the sweetest cherry in the bunh is it? h dont worry its nothing personal its just the truth..

  • why don’t you post a photo of you so we can see how much you weigh? i’m so sick of people calling average-sized people FAT. not that JLH is fat, she’s a size 2 for christ sakes.

    And her career didn’t get a boost because of this “fat controversy”. she’s doing just fine on her tv show Ghost Whisperer, which I watch religiously.

  • man, you’re really annoying. hahah, i just stumbled across this bullshit and haven’t even heard of it. I guess spending your life writing on a computer about every celebrity and filing it to where its under the right celeb category is what you do as a hobby. I mean goodness, talk about living your own life. I’m sorry you really haven’t had pictures taken of you where it adds pound, but if that is you in that picture below then I kind of know why. jennifer love hewitt is beautiful, not that it matters much. I feel ignorant for even reading what you say, so just do me a favor and start to evaluate what you are actually doing.

  • Hi,
    Seriously, which photos does she look fat? I can’t see anything wrong with her at all. She is a nice and a very hot woman. She has sexy hips, sexy bust, and her face is just plain beautiful and gorgeous. She is one woman I could marry and spend the rest of my life with.
    You ignore everyone’s comments Jennifer and keep up your good work. Only if every other girl around the globe looked up to you as a role model we would be a lot better off.

    Kind Regards,

  • JLW has the same body shape as me.

    So although I know I’m no supermodel, I sure appreciate all the supportive commenters here. Clothes don’t always “hang” well on us curvy girls. So naturally if you’re modeling clothes being skinny works well. But without clothes and up close…real close…I think we have the advantage.

  • most formally know as 800th million angry camment.. annonymous I agree with you.
    Right Dear Evil Beet I’ve tried to put things gently but now your’e just annoying and have hurt her feelings, so here it goes your site is b.s and your a btchy person hu btches about every1 ur jelous of, well get over it you will never be as pretty as her or as talented (as we can tell by the site I’m 14 and I could do better than this!) anyway you need to get your own life and stop poking your nose into others becoz you just look pathetic trying to ruin other peoples lives people say about britney going mad, amy on drugs, and paris too skinny, well no wonder with sites like this!! and you can say what you like to me cause I’m not really bothered because at least I can sleep tonigt knowing that I haven’t made another teenager anorexic! and the images of Love in a black top and jeans are photoshoped to hell (I mean you could have done better than that SERIOUSLY!) a.) no neck?? b.) diff shoes c.)where’s her fiance or body guard??..and i’d just like to say thanks to Janice D and Ellen DeGeneres and everbody who has stuck up for her..

  • ella -como muchas otras mujeres menos o mas gordas que ella- es HERMOSA…dejen de fijarse si las personas aumentan o disminuyen 200 gramos por favor! es absurdo estar tan pendientes de esas estupideces…

  • this is a horrible website devoted to a bunch of… crap. who cares what any of these people are doing.

    furthermore, what’s your deal with jennifer love? i don’t even like the girl, but she definitely isn’t fat. sorry she isn’t crack whore thin like all of the other celebrities in hollywood. you guys are blind.

    what a waste of time.

  • its me.. Beets bestest friend, yeah right. Right I’ve kinda asked like a million times for u to put a picture of u on here so evry1 can say wat they think of u don’t care about any1 so i’m sure u wont mind us doin it to u,, well heres wat i think u look like.. i’d say weighs around 250-300 pounds, going grey arund the edges, life taking hold of ur face giving u so many lines u look like a road map, gravity has grabbed ur ass sucking it down to earth so every time u sit down u look like ur sat on a bean bag attached to u, cheap knock off clothes, hmm i’d say out-dated old woman hair clip, a few blemishes here and there, well judjing from all the staring eyes shaped like squares or jennifers butt, stained teeth, how am i doin so far well u post a picture n i’ll see :)

  • Is It Just Me Or Is She Getting a bad case off Bingoo Wingss :P
    She’s Piled On The Pounds And u can kinda tell…
    Shes Ate a Little Too Many Hamburgers :)
    Thanx For Listening
    A Friend Of Beet – x

  • Beets best friend (smirks) OMG as if u r a little freak *friend of beet* ur just as fat as *beet* herself!!!!!! n there’s nothing wrong with her!! n she can eat what she wants its not up to u!!

  • I Got a cuple a words…. SHES FAT GET OVER IT TASMIN THE WEBSITE IS MADE FOR BITCHING… AND THATS WHAT WE DOO BEST SOO. And freak… haha ure probably a kid hu dreams of being JLH’S Best Friend. Go play on video games or sumthing.
    A Friend Of Beet – x

  • Tasmins Gunna Kill Yuu beet…
    Burried Or Cremeated????
    Bob… Ps.. i wanted toput tht coz it looked smekshy

  • video games my ass!!! y dont u just go and stalk beet u little saddo n im not lyk 7 i dont want to be BFF with celebs!!!!!! so go and get sum more fries and make urself feel better even if u do already weigh about 800 pounds!!!!

  • 800 Poundsss…. Hmm and u want meto believe ure not a child… :!
    One Word Too Her: Fatt :)
    Me And Beet are bff just fort ide tell you.
    Another Word that she likes: Candy! :)
    A Friend Of Beet – x

  • i neva sed i was an adult im 14!!!! u little freak n how about a word for u WISH!!!
    oooh me n beet r BFF!! woo good 4 u she’s a little freak anyway

  • OMG she’s so beautiful now! She is a beautiful woman and models are glamourous coat rak. So what will men prefer ?

  • Jennifer your so pretty.dont let anyone put you a really big fan of yours.i love the movie I know what you did last summer.i watch it over and over again.i love you jennifer!

  • I want to take my dick and put it in her mouth, pussy, ass, and in between those huge tits!

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