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Britney Was Tied Down on the Gurney!!!

Britney Spears Tied Down on Gurney in Ambulance Going to Hospital, Pictures, Photos

Apparently Britney was struggling so badly when they put her in the gurney that they actually had to strap her down!!!


Image via Splash

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  • some reports have said that she was handcuffed by the popo thanks for keeping up updated evil beet this is surreal

  • This is like that episode of Cops! They find K-Fed @ Brit’s double-wide (mansion) and he’s wearing a wife beater (with leather inserts). Can’t you just hear the Bad Boys Theme playing in the backgroud?

  • See, the wrong type of men will mess your life up….especially if it was messed up before you married them. I feel so bad for Brit right now. She’s crazy, and everything is a big mess in her life, her kids are getting taken away, her ex is a loser who only married her for her fame and money, everyone is making fun of her. I’d probably go crazy too.

  • To Wow. — Atleast her “Loser” Ex is stepping up and taking care of their kids while she “melts down” with no attempt to get her life in order. Maybe he has straightened his out. Looks like Brit’s the loser now.

  • Ok, in all reality here… it is a gurney and as far as I know they are suppose to strap you down so you don’t fall off if you pass out or something. Wow, I figured I would have alreay read my responce from someone already. Guess you can count one point for me.

  • This is the kind of press exposure britney if the papawretched shadowing this F_ING WRECK is not enough and stupid of us we actually buy it ..what’s next ? i was telling my two young daughters this morning this WRECK is worse than anna nicole smith..i am thankful they never liked this TRAINWRECK. even zoey 101 they never watch it. LYN i have a message for you.. YOU ARE THE WORLDS MOST WRETCHED MOTHER whored your daughters FOR MONEY and now it is ruining you as a person and a woman.. POPWRECK And your TEENAGE PREGNANT DAUGHTER is controlling you with their MONEY and you can’t do anything about it..

  • um…not to burst any bubbles….but it’s standard to strap people down while transporting them on a gurney. ..

    Yes , she’s a freaking fruitcake….and maybe they tied her down “extra tight”…..but every single person getting a ride via ambulance will be secured to the gurney….. it’s just standard procedure.

  • Come on, now–admit it: Isn’t it a little bit sexy and maybe even a lot? Just wish they could have strapped her down in her shiny black Toxic catsuit w/ the matching boots…that was hot!

  • Its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needed to go to the nut house wait they let her go there goes the chance of getting away from…. not a girl but not yet a psycho

  • Asta, if you take a look at other photos, you can clearly see soft restraints on her ankles. I do believe those qualify you as being tied down.

  • Just because britney is the public eye we see it as ok to rip the piss out of her? Jealous?
    Ok, so wot britney has a mental health problem, its a common thing!! 1 in 5 suffer from it!!! Im guessing this what you mean by the words ‘psycho, nuts, crazy’
    When life gets 2 hard yes we are going to breakdown, we are all human – human perfection does not exist! If you are capable of proving your perfect i bet there is someone who will knock you down!
    If something so horrible happened in your life its goin to hurt you! and that pain you suffer inside, if not dealt with will manifest itself and lead you to not thinking straight!
    Yes people are strapped down, for health and safety reasons, not cos there ‘crazy, nuts or psycho’ (as you would say)! If she was causing that much of a problem for the medical team (in the picture above) her hand would not be where it is! So no she is not being strapped down for stuggling or putting up a fight! all i can say is she looks distressed and they are all trying to calm her down!
    Who knows why she is being carted off in the back of an ambulance maybe it is because she is mentally ill!!! But so what people around you are mentally ill, its just not something they would want 2 share with you cos of the stigma around mental health!!! and you ripping the piss out of britney aint goin help anyone come out and say yes i have a mental health problem!!!
    I personally have never had a mental health condition but have worked with many people with these sorts of problems, and its easy to understand why that person is that way when you listen to there personal experinces, and what life has thrown at them! If i was attacked in the press all the time for being fat, to skinny, ugly, crazy or things that hurt or upset me, then yeah im sure I would breakdown aswell!

  • oh sorry forgot to mention i dont actually like britney, neva have. Im a christina fan. Sorry. Thats purely based on music taste!
    But I still dont think that a human being should be treated the way brit has!

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