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Still In Love!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, Pictures, Photos

Gisele Bunchen and Tom Brady spend some quality time in NYC this week.

Where’s Tom’s new baby?

Oh, yeah, somewhere with Bridget Moynahan.

Image via WENN

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  • Yeah..there probably just the hottest couple boring. I’d love to see the get into a car accident and lose one of her tits. No more gorgeous QB boyfriend, no more glamorous modeling career, no more bras. I’d love it. At least then she’d be interesting. xoxo

  • don’t care about her
    he looks nice…european look, incidentally
    the kid and mother?
    probably the worst smudge in his existence
    collateral damage?

  • This immoral pair were just the passion in a while

    She is a slut pornographic

    Was able to take an innocent BEBE his father

  • They are the best looking couple alive! Seriously, he traded up big time with Gisele. Bridget was never in his league. She knew it and freaked when she knew he was dumping her d-list butt for the hot supermodel so she pulled the goalie with hopes that he would cave and marry her. Oophs, gambled and lost.

    Go Team Brady! These two are so hot it hurts!

  • between leslie,mamba and tutu i cant figure who wins for the most jealous, and please dont bother respond trying to deny it, it will only prove me right