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Paris Hilton Smoking Marlboro Light Cigarettes, Pictures, Photos

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  • Paris
    I am Julie from the hating of people Me and my company have decided that we will choose you to be the hater and we are blocking you from commenting and saying this “crap, and shit” business of yours. If you dare to comment something mean or sexually then you and your family (the sexuall harrassers) will be sued!
    That is all,
    Julie from the we hate Paris

  • what is up wif u paris first u get infamous for drink driving then i find out a SEX VIDEO was ON THE NET and now you are smoking!
    please set a better example for ppl who look up to you as im sure they do.

  • omg you are like my idol, you look so hot smoking cigerettes.. i want to do drugs with you, you are like the coolest person ever!

  • It is a fake pic you idiots, i am a developer of adobe photoshop and i can tell when a picture is fake.
    Reasons for my belief of this being a fake:
    1.If you look closely on the left side there is a tiny strip of white, suggesting that this face has been put over a pales one.
    2. the face is slightly wonkey and is a slightley different colour to the neck.
    3. She is not on the celeb smoking list.


    P.S someone who starts smoking because someone they think is cool smokes is an idiot!

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