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So Sienna Miller Is Probably Engaged

Sienna Miller Engaged to Ugly Man Rhys Ifans


I don’t give a fuck. I might care if this Rhys Ifans dude was hot, but he looks like he just stepped off the set of a Tim Burton film. Where he’d been shooting heroin between takes. In a bathtub. With a blow-dryer. While eating human brains.

I could go on if you want.

Anyway, Sienna hasn’t announced it, but the photo agencies seem pretty sure of it. They keep running these photos lately like, “Sienna Miller and fiance Rhys Ifans” blah blah blah blah.

Jesus, guys, can you believe this dude gets to put his penis in Sienna Miller and you don’t?

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  • yeah, he looks disgusting
    she looks a little bit too
    horrible clothes
    matching those lousy boots with the black bag…well
    I wonder why she dresses that way
    going unnoticed is no option,when you have Mr Scary by your side.

    Not that matters too much,and not related to the subject,is the Kidman woman pregnant or?

  • I dont get at all the allure of Sienna Miller????? She looks like any other semi-blonde chick in the country… yawn yawn yawn

  • who cares about looks anymore…if the guy is a NON cheating sweet guy who treats her right I say aMEN SISTAH AMEN!

  • i really, really like sienna, i dont know much about rhys ifans, but i dont care. i just dont get the people who says sienna dresses bad, that she’s not that pretty and all… hello?? i dont know how many people can say they can go out on the street without any makeup ( she usually wears a little mascara and lip balm, not even gloss!), she is a true beauty without being spectacular in any particular way , but the fact that she is so natural – makes her spectacular! and for that dude that says “matching those lousy boots with the black bag…’ – havent u heard that boots dont match bags anymore?? maybe u did that when u were like…grandma , please, shove it!

  • Don’t hate ‘Aurora’, just because Sienna is Beautiful & Gorgeous with long killer leggs …

  • Actually, this is a bad picture, Rhys Ifans is sexy. He’s not an airbrushed shiny boy, but after seeing him in Vanity Fair, I say, nice job Sienna! Except I guess she just dumped him over the phone. I’d actually take him over Jude Law.

  • it goes without saying that Sienna Miller is gorgeous!!
    Rhys Ifans, i admit, isn’t the best looking man alive, but he’s got that scruffy rugged look which makes him really sexy – i agree completely with Ruth!
    on top of that, he’s hilarious!! have you not seen Notting Hill!??

  • Rhys Ifans is smoking hot! And”looks like he just steppee off of a Tim Burton set”…?Johnny Depp’s in Tim Burton movies. Of course now they’re not together anymore anyways, which is good. Because he was way too sexy for her! She looks like anyone else, and he needs someone extraordinarilly beautiful!