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I Think Vince Vaughn Needs Another Bag of Cheetos

Vince Vaughn is Fat and Gross Now and Will Possibly Murder You, Pictures, Photos

He looks sad. And drunk. And gross.

Maybe Cheetos will cheer him up. Or a bacon cheeseburger. Or an entire cheesecake. Or whatever the hell he’s been cramming down his throat since he used to be hot.

Seriously, who’s casting serial killers these days? They need to get Vince Vaughn’s agent on the line. Because while I used to look at Vince Vaughn and be like, “Gosh, I’d sure like to have sex with that man,” now I look at him and think, “Gosh, I sure hope he doesn’t kill me with a fork and then grind me up and eat me with a spoon.” Seriously. Homeboy looks creepy.

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  • Hmmph, serves him right-too many strip clubs, alcohol, girls with big tits and venereal diseases will do that to you!!!

    What a loser…go home to your rich, snobby mommy, you moron!!!! Maybe she’ll get you a Ferrari like she did on your 18th birthday and that will dry your tears…….scumbag…

  • WOW………………… I mean WOW, you couldn’t sound any more bitter and crazy if you tried lady.

    So I gather you’re pretty angry about having small tits and being poor? Well chin up, there are worth things in the world, I mean think about it, you could be mentally unbalanced with nothing better to do with your time than troll the net and slam strangers because you think their lives are better than yours………………………………… ok, bad example, but it could be worse.


  • you people are terrible. hes an ACTOR not a MODEL or a HOOKER. who cares if he gains weight. he’ll end up losing it to make another movie but at this time im sure he was just having a bad night (or way to good of a night) hes an amazing actor and i dont care how “ugly” or fat he gets. hes obviously doing a lot better of things with his life then you all are because when you all look like this people think you are just another fugly fatty in the world.

    i would love vince if he weighed 500 pounds because of the PERSON HE IS. not what he looks like!, jerks!

  • Fat, thin, drunk, sober….doesn’t matter. You can’t hide the fact that this man is drop-dead gorgeous. And he’s also damn clever and reportedly pretty fun to hang around with. I’d never kick him out of bed for eating crackers, if you know what I mean.
    Or cheesecake, or fries, or mayonnaise with a spoon, or…….

  • We all have had our hearts broken and it ain’t fun at all … I hope he gets better soon, he’s a great guy.