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BumpWatch: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba AMAZING PICTURE of the baby bump!!!

Another gym shot. But damn this is a good shot of the bump.

You know, the crotch shot galleries and the nip slip galleries drive a good deal of traffic around here, and it’s so funny to me to watch the traffic patterns and see people flipping through those pics again and again and again. Like, “What is so infinitely interesting about Britney Spears’ vagina?” But then I see this amazing pic of Jessica Alba’s baby bump and I pretty much get all wet, and I’m like, “Oh, this is how most people are about porn.” Jessica Alba’s baby bump is like my porn.

My existence is totally pathetic.

But, seriously, how great is this shot of the baby bump? Sooooooo great. I truly think I could get off to this pic. Show us more bump, Jess!!!

So, so pathetic.

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