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Nickelodeon Considering Airing Special About How Not to Get Knocked Up at 16



This is fabulous.

Nickelodeon is considering airing a special about sex and love after news broke that Zoey 101 skipped out on Sex Ed.

For the special, Nickelodeon confirmed it’s talking with Linda Ellerbee, the veteran newswoman who has stepped in frequently in the past with shows on talking to children about difficult issues in the news. “I think it’s important that something be done,” Ellerbee told The Associated Press on Thursday. “But I think it’s important that it be done in a measured way, and not just to feed the beast of news stories.

I actually think this is pretty cool of Nickelodeon. It’s definitely important these issues be addressed with its young audience, since this country is kidding itself if it thinks its tweens aren’t doing the nasty.

Let’s play a fun game, kids:

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