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Tom Cruise’s Kids with Nicole Kidman Call Katie Holmes “Mom”


Oh, this is rich. In a new interview with Parade magazine, the increasingly normal-seeming Katie Holmes announces that Tom’s two adopted children — from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, call her “Mom”:

His first two children are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me “Mom.”

Nicole’s the same woman who recently talked about how very, very sad she’d be if she couldn’t have a biological kid. If I were one of her adopted kids, I wouldn’t want to call that woman “Mom,” either.

Full interview with Katie is after the jump.

PARADE: Happy holidays. Do you look forward to this season?
KATIE: I have always been a huge fan of the holidays. My birthday is December 18th, so it’s my favorite time of the year. I’m from a big family, and we always did a grand Christmas Eve with all of the relatives. We’d sing Christmas carols and open gifts. Really joyous. Last year was Suri’s first Christmas. It was so spectacular to share the holidays with her. It really meant the world to me. To be able to create a tradition for your children is one of the best gifts you can have.

How will you and Tom celebrate?
My whole family and Tom’s whole family will go up to Telluride [Colo.] again. We ski. We have big dinners and laugh. We love cooking. My mom’s stuffing is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of pie, especially pecan. I will probably cook some garlic mashed potatoes and maybe a cheesecake. We always make a lot of sugar cookies with decorating and sprinkles. Suri will be in the dough everywhere. Tom has shown me the greatness of extra chocolate chips. Tom’s really good in the kitchen. He makes great pasta carbonara and lemon pasta.

With all that, how do you both keep fit?
We ski a lot. And we’ll get back to normal eating in January, like everyone else.

Did you have fun shooting “Mad Money”?
It was a blast. We got our morning female talk in the trailer every day.

Does Tom get the way women talk together?
My husband has three sisters. He was raised by a single mother and has two daughters—and he’s a great father and husband. His first two children are incredible, really smart and kind. They call me “Mom.” So Tom understands the female bond, and he loves it. He was so excited for me to do this movie. He loved hearing all the stories.

Onscreen, you speed around on a motorcycle. Was that your first time?
Actually, the first time I went on a motorcycle was when I met Tom. I had never gone on one before because my father is a lawyer, and he had seen a lot of accidents. With four daughters and one son, he said: “No motorcycles.” So finally, at age 26, Tom took me for a motorcycle ride.

Tom is a daredevil. Has he brought out that side of you?
Definitely. Oh, we have so much fun. Tom has introduced me to so many new experiences. I have done things I never thought I would do, like climbing mountains and flying in the P-51 [a World War II fighter]. That’s what is so inspiring about being with him—constant thrills and joy.

Is your daughter, Suri, a great traveler too?
We don’t like to be away from her. She’s very aware. We take her to the park in each city and walk around. This summer, when Tom was working in Germany, she’d wake up and say, “Hello, Berlin.”

Everyone asks, “What’s Katie really like now?” How would you answer that?
With everything that’s happened, I still feel the same. I’m really happy being a mom, being a wife. I understand the curiosity. It’s a reality for me, another dimension of awareness. I appreciate the man that I’m with and my family and my work. I feel very lucky to be able to say that. I mean, what we do in a week is extraordinary.

Did you expect such a busy and public life?
I am up for it. I love adventure. We do a lot of things that I couldn’t imagine doing when I was younger. And yet, at the same time, I always wanted to see the world. It is a big life, and it’s exciting. I learn from my husband, and I learn things about myself. I learn about things from my daughter. She teaches me a lot. Every day I do count my blessings.

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  • Don’t believe a word of this. This is Tom and Katie trying to force Nicole out of the perfect fantasy they’re trying to create. She (Katie) should be ashamed of herself.

  • I think it’s ridiculous, why would they call HER ‘Mom’? I remember recently hearing about Nicole being upset that her kids called her ‘Nicole’, not Mom.

    That is a slap in the face if it’s true! I think ‘Kate’ (not Katie!!!) is living in la la land…which is also where Tom is into women.

  • Katie’s been more of a Mom to those kids than Kidless ever was.They probably called the nanny Mom before Katie came along.Kidman has always been more concerned with making bad movies than she ever was in raising those kids. If anyone should be ashamed of herself it’s Kidman.

      • You do realize TOM that this is a message board and people are feel to talk about your child bride that you paid to marry you and the children you took away from Nicole. Don’t YOU???????

  • Holy shit! Everyone, take a step back and remember that we don’t even KNOW any of these people. We have no idea whether Katie or Nicole is the better mother, okay?

  • hey people.. what ever it is, when it comes to marriage.. its fate ok?!?!? something that nobody has the power of saying who marries who.. so, take it easy…

    tom has always been the fatherly figure and I think that he deserves someone who appreciate him being one.. i dont know how katie or nicole is like, but, yep, like i said, when it comes to fate, that is how it goes..

    we can try to change it.. but it depends on katie and nicole and tom.. on how they want it to be… cheers!

  • My stepdaughter calls me mom, but it only started when we had a child. It became confusing everyone calling me something different. My stepdaughter does it to not confuse my toddler. Her mother knows about it and the reasons for it. Everyone’s situation is different.

  • It sounds so fake, just like the relationship Tom and Katie have. I feel for Nicole and hope she comes out shining in all this.

  • From what I understand, Nicole left Scientology and Scientology doesn’t like being left. Out of fear of being reprimanded (I think death is one of their punishments), she probably agreed to a smaller role in her children’s lives.

    “Stepmother” makes a strong point too. My parents started calling each other “momma” and “dada” when, as a baby, my brother referred to them only by their first names.

  • What makes you think Nicole is a bad mom? Just because she doesn’t flaunt her kids all over the media? She has nothing to prove. She is not the one with the fake little life like Tom and Katie. I’m sure Nicole is a great mother and I think it is terrible for Katie to publish that the kids call her mom (if it is even true).

  • Even if it’s true, Katie (aka Kate) shouldn’t have said it. There was no point announcing to the world what Tom’s kids call her. It was just hurtful to Nicole and makes everyone think, “Yeah, right.”

  • Dress her up and call her Kate but, she is still one of the highest paid whores in Hollywood. The only difference between her and someone on the Sunset Strip is that she doesn’t believe she’s got her hands tied around her ankles.

  • Here’s the thing. I have 3 middle school-age stepchildren. And yes, they prefer me to their mother. They have chosen to live with my husband and me full time. I am extremely close with them, and they have virtually no relationship with their mother. But I would NEVER say publicly that they call me “Mom.” Katie Holmes used to be a class act (when she followed a real value-system that made sense). Bur now, she and Tom Cruise are the most loathsome and disgusting pair in Hollywood. The first responder is absolutely correct. Tom Cruise (with the help of his new zombie bride) is clearly trying to force Nicole Kidman out of his children’s lives so he can completely brainwash them with his alien sci-fi cult psychobabble. True, we do not “know” these people. But some things are self-evident and common sense. Scientology is evil and dangerous and destroys families!

  • Yeah there are definitely some rumours going around that Nicole Kidman is pregnant. But she refuses to comment and give us a definite answer. I guess she’ll string everyone along until finally, several months later, we find out if she really has a baby on the way.

  • For a girl trying to hard to be a “Lady” she certainly failed with a rude, ill mannered and stupid comment such as that! Nicole ooozes class and bless her for not even addressing the silly girl.

    On another note – Katie has Fred Flinstone feet – no ankles. Not a patch on the elegant Nicole.

  • Does Nicole ever get to take the kids to her home in Australia or Nashville? or does Tom have custody of them? I read a comment another actor made that she “will be a good mother” with the new baby on the way – now that sounds a bit strange – hasn’t she been a mother for 14 years? He should have known she has 2 adopted children. I bet these kids have got to be confused. Hope not but…

  • Here’s the thing. Some while back Nicole said something in an interview along the lines of, “My children don’t call me Mom, they call me Nicole and it drives me nuts”. This was before Mrs. Tombot came around and said they kids do call her “Mom”.

    I feel badly for Nicole but I hope she is happy in her new life, she deserves it. I’ve read scientologists have people “declared” when they leave. I imagine Nicole was declared and therefore have been cut from everyone’s lives that remain steadfast scientologists themselves.

  • Nicole is upset the kids don’t call her ‘Mummy’ she’s Australian not American. Although Mummy instead of Mum when they’re teens is a bit much.

    Katie announcing the kids call her ‘Mom’ after that is tasteless but probably a sensible private domestic thing to do with Suri on the scene.

    And Nicole does see the kids it gets reported whenever she gets custody in Australia which isn’t often and Tom’s sister comes along like some guard dog.

    Nicole was possibly blackmailed into silence when she left the cult and then Tom denied her access to the kids.

    This might happen to Katie one day, remember her Catholic family was reportedly horrified she became involved with Tom.

    Nicole comes from a respectable family too.

    Tom perhaps likes classy young women that he can Stepford Wifeise.

  • This is totally ridiculous…Nicole Kidman does not need everyone’s approval. She, as a mom, can not allow what everyone thinks of her to bother her. She cares about her kids, not what Katie Holmes says or anyone else. She gladly gives the spotlight up to Tom (jerk) for her kids sake. It amazes me that people can not see this. That they judge so easily and harshly. I follow her very closely. She sees those kids all the time but doesn’t make a public spectacle of it to protect her kids. She doesn’t use her kids to show what a good mother she is. She never said her kids call her Nicole. She said they call her mum (australian for mom) and at times, jokingly call her Nicole. Who hasn’t tried to smart off and call our mom or dad by their first name? I mean God did they take that one out of context. Pity people don’t see that beautiful woman (inside and out) for who she is…..Your loss.

  • It is INCREDIBLE how an innocent remark can be misquoted. I saw the GMTV interview. This is what happened:-

    Interviewer: Did your children sit there & think, “Hey Mummy, Mrs Coulter that’s you!”

    Nicole: ” They don’t call me Mummy” ( giggles)

    Interviewer: ” What do they call you?”

    Nicole: ” They call me “Mum” … or sometimes Nicole (laughs) and I say “Hey!” (giggles)

  • nicole is so much better than those freaks! scientology is a cult that should be demolished. katie better watch her back before she thinks for herself and gets kicked out of toms home and loses suri.

  • I think Tom Cruise is utterly disrespectful of women who does not look up to him. This is evident in what he has done to Nicole Kidman. Nicole deserves to be recognized as a mother. Katie should not rejoice in being called ‘mom.’ She is being used to emotionally hurt another woman.

  • We are just “people” who do not know one thing about Tom, Katie or Nicole or Keith. Sounds to me as if the “Urbans” are more down to earth…Family holidays and such unlike what we never heard from Tom’s life with Nic. I do not know much about scientology, but Katie was pushed into it and I admire Nic. for getting out of it and continuing with what she believed in and that was a horrible blow to tell the world that your step-children call you “Mom” and call their Mom by her first name. Again, we do not know these people unless someone here goes to Toms for dinner every Sunday.

  • krissie:

    Why even comment we don’t know them but based on the article we can comment. Or didn’t you know that.

    I feel bad for Nicole because obviously Tom is keeping her from her children because he could not brain wash her. And as far as Katie goes, it was in very poor taste that she would even let them call her mom, it shows her disrespect for Nicole as their mother, be careful Katie what goes around comes around. When tom gets tired of you and takes away your child or children and his new wife is telling the world how Suri calls her “mom”, how would you feel.

  • There’s nothing wrong of calling so. I think she deserve to be treated such act. Its so amazing when someone called you “mom”. And lets always accept what is past then face what is the present and
    be always ready for the future as well. I am really happy for them because they got the meaningful life after all what was happened. So, all we need to do is always be happy and love yourself as well as your neighborhood.

    • I deffinately don’t claim to be perfect, but If you’re dyslexic I can understand, if not you need to re-read your comments. Because your typing is awful and I hardly understood what you were trying to say. It’s terrible having to read someones babble and then try to interpret the message. Geez!

  • nicole kidmani dzalian magari qalia dadartsmunebuli var magari deda iqneba aseve rac sheexeb ketie holmses me piradad nicole kidmani mirchevnia

  • I do not believe in Scientology, but would I want someone to say the way I believe is wrong? No! I think everyone needs to step back and look at what is being said.Nicole may not be a good mother, on the other hand she may be. I think what katie said just slipped out without thinking. I think it is great if the children are happy, after all isn’t that what is important?

  • Yeah! Like Cricket do you know Nicole personally? For real, you all do need to take a few HUNDRED steps back…. Unbelievable. Absolutely Unbelievable. And another says Katie is creepy, why cuz she didn’t fucking druel with honey over your ass when you met her in berlin? I laugh at the ones putting down Tom for the scientology saying that their aliens and evil…. Do you pray with that mouth? or just take communion with it….. YOU… ARE THE FAKE ONES — not the celebrities. All hiding behind your monitors chukin & jivin all that shit about everyone! I think all the haters are just jealous of the doers.

  • I was just chatting with my coworker about this the other day at lunch . Don’t know how we got on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do remember eating a wonderful steak salad with sunflower seeds on it. I digress…

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  • Nicole is a good woman. Katie is a bitch who just treats suri so much better and doesn’t even pretend to hide it. But the kids deserve it for choosing katie over nicole and calling katie mom. Now they’re being treated as adopted kids while nicole treated them as her kids

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