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Perez Wants SamRo to Pay His Legal Bills


Remember that little lawsuit where Samantha Ronson sued Perez Hilton for claiming she’d sold unflattering photos of Lindsay Lohan?

Perez won the lawsuit, and now he’s asking SamRo to pay his legal bills.

He’s requested $93,000 in attorneys’ fees to compensate for the bill he racked up defending himself against the defamation suit.

Dayum. Lawyers are expensive. Much more expensive than paying for photos, ahem.

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  • He doesn’t look like any self respecting gay man I have ever known. Do the gays even claim him? I can’t believe they would-he’s a sloppy mess with no style or class

  • This is not rocket science. Since the cocaine planting charges could not be proven by Hilton why did the case end? Why did Samantha change her mind? Read up on the case and it’s easy to figure out this case was heading somewhere that while not damaging to Ronson may have proved to be of great annoyance to a certain close, close friend. Ultimately it had nothing to do with coke and everything to do with how it would be proved that Ronson was a public figure.

  • HOW SOON is this piece of shit going to finish with his fifteen minutes? He has no talent, no intelligence, no class, and definitely no physical attribute worth noting.

    I don’t think even the HUMAN race, much less the gay community, wants to claim him.

    He’s disgusting, inside and out.