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The Publicist Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks


Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby, Chris Martin, haven’t been seen photographed together in months.

When asked about the rumors of an impending split, Paltrow’s rep said they “are absolutely not true. They have been completely together and barely separated. Chris was with her in Los Angeles during the shooting of ‘Iron Man,’ and then with her in the Hamptons during the summer, and in London for September and October. She’s been in New York for the past week, but he is joining him soon in a few days. This stems from the fact that both Chris and Gwyneth make a deliberate effort not to be photographed together. She does not take him to any events where there will be press – or if she does, they enter separately. It is their policy not to put their relationship out there for public consumption.”

My, my, my.

A simple “not true” would have sufficed, darling.

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  • God, I LOVE that woman. I hope Darth Paul drops from the face of the earth. Gwyneth is beautiful, has 2 gorgeous kids, and has an absolutely stunning, (and VERY talented) husband. Yay for them! I hope they stay together…unless Chris wants to come over my way! ;)

  • when is she going to drink her own piss like cate blanchet?! the word cunt comes to mind…how does she tell the difference between her husband and the “your beautiful” guy i bet her cat only eats organic shade grown cat food and shits conflicfree diamonds when is my orgy with the evil beet girls?! i have glenlivet and pringles. ladies?!

  • They are both arrogant idiots. I hate it when celebs bitch about razzis. Get the fuck over it! Your rich! Whens the last time you did a movie that was actually interesting gwen? Id rather watch my dog take a shit than see one of your movies.

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