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  • I cant believe what im reading here!! How could you adults behave like that and judge an eleven year old…??! I think shes going through hard enough time already coping with all the attention as Madonna’s kid, and then people expect her not to be a child??! Lourdes seems like a great kid and she will be extremely beautiful when she grows up, shes already got stunning features! I was playing with barbies at eleven and certainly had no idea about having to look groomed. Really how would you feel reading this sort of stuff about your own children, having adults make fun of them?? Grow up..

  • all u freshies shut upp!! she’s soo pretty. hw can u comment on a little kid like that?! u guys seriously need to get a life!!!
    btw.. i think Madona’s done a great job n she’s a good parent cuz she is wht she should look like for a 11 year old.

    • lourdes IS very pretty but it is obvs in this photo she needed a wax. when I was 11 I was begging for tweezers and I wouldn’t doubt that she is too.

  • I think this girl is really naturally pretty but this is the only folt farir anouth if she is 11 but its wrong on a girl

  • U lot are orrible sayin tht bout a lil giirl … i cn see where ur all cumin 4rm it doesnt look nice buh she shouldnt b worryin bout facial haiir … i dnt n im 16 so y should an 11/12 yr old ?!!?!??! Alrtii miine aint no where near as bad as hers buh she is styl a child!!!! Leave off She Jushh A Baybeee Nd She Is Gewjushhh!!!!

    • AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA… WTF??!!? dang I think you said you were 16… when I was 1 6 I was definitely not writing like that… granted that was 3 years ago, but I mean what is going on with the world? why are people typing like that? do you actually talk like that? and when you say ‘cumin’ do you mean the spice? or the verb? or do you mean to actually say ‘coming’? Damn I mean I am not asking for Charles Dickens or anything, but Mark Twain on an Acid trip isnt exactly comprehensible. Or let me rephrase that in a way that a 16 year old of today can understan:

      ‘ii aint axin U to Tallk smartt!!1!!!1 BUt trii nt Too sownd lyke a total tard!!1!!! ‘

  • lourdes is a very pretty girl as you can tell from media coverage and countless photos of her. but seriously its one thing to have a little baby hair in between your brows, its quite another to have a uni and a stache. its sad that so much obsession is put on girls appearance but its still true and im sure she would rahter not suffer through humiliation adn other girls her age picking on her. its just the truth of what will happen if she doesnt tweeze. im 16 and theres a girl at my school whos just gorgeous but she has a bit of a stache. i was talking to my friend one night, a guy, and he said this girl was so hot but that he or his friends would never think of kissing her because she had a stache. it would really suck if this kind of talk was going on around lourdes back…which sadly its just going to. kids are mean and appearance does matter. its shouldnt but it does and everyone knows it. 11 isnt too young to start plucking if her brows are that wild and her upper lip has some dark hair. AND as long as she has help from her mother becuase all girls screw up their brows if left alone with no tips. it will give her more self confidence and will save her from humilitation when her peers start to notice

  • Lourdes is turning 12 in October. She’s going through puberty, and needs to start electrolysis and “mustache bleaching”.

    I just hope Madonna doesn’t destroy any of her self-esteem! Lourdes will NEVER forgive her!

  • Oh give me a freakin break people! “Let her be a kid” – yeah right – what la la land do you people live in! My friends and I were bleaching or waxing or tweezing at the age of 11- and we were nowhere near being rich – we were mostly kids of immigrant parents. As if YOU wouldn’t have made fun of a girl with this much hair on her face, or you wouldn’t beg your parents to fix it for you — there is nothing wrong with removing facial hair on a girl. It’s not like anyone is suggesting she load up on makeup, dress like Beyonce and tongue Britney!

  • So, question…. If this i a reflection of Madonna’s “good” parenting, why did she let people magazine mess with her face and airbrush, ect.. Face it. Madonna’s using her own child to try to show the world that she has balls, or whatever. Sad. Yes, kids get made fun of at 11. Open your eyes! She’s wearing makeup. Poor child is being used by her mother for some kind of publicity stunt or to make a statement. “Loo here, world! My daughter’s humility is proof that I am the alpha dog with brass bawls!”. Met Madonna and her girl. If I was CPS the child would be away from her for emotional/mental abuse!

  • I accidently stumbled into this page and the more I see people like some of you lot in the world and especially on the internet – I am seeing what it is to be the demon enslaved zombies that ysome of you seem to be.

    You can come now Lord Jesus, take up the beautiful in heart and spirit- those filled with God’s love, and leave the hate-filled to themselves – to eat each other up like starving wolves.

    This child is beautiful, as is every child that is created. I pray for your salvation and forgiveness. Don’t even bother saying anything nasty and hateful about me or about my ‘preaching’ – for I come not here in my own name, I represent God’s word in everything I do and everywhere I go – an ambassador. I don’t care what you have to say next, I’m not sticking around. But I will say to those who can criticize the appearance of a child or anyone for that matter, need to turn the mirror onto themselves and see the demon that has gripped their eyes and mind and heart and ears and mouth. Your only salvation is to repent immediately and say with you heart and mouth:
    ” Lord Jesus I repent of my sins and of my past. Come into my
    heart Lord Jesus and save me. Wash me clean with your blood. Holy spirit of God fill me to overflowing and cause me to be born again, to be free, and to live and walk and see and hear and talk in God’s Love.
    In Jesus name.

    Then you will see that this child is indeed beautiful and you will see with new sight and a new heart and a new understanding that all people are beautiful, unless they have hate or evil in their hearts, but you’ve seen the cure for that…LOVE.

  • She is just 11 years old! She doesn not to take away the hair. She can do that when she grow up. And she is more beatiful than you people!

  • I feel sorry for many of you people. This girl is very pretty, and do not forget that she is the daughter of a famous person. She could probably do whatever she liked, and other kids would follow her example. People are like sheep, they move in groups. And they follow the celebrities. About these eyebrows, someone obviously did that on purpose.

  • While I think she’s far too young to have to worry about face and brow waxing and such, I don’t think it would be such a bad thing to trim up the eyebrows a little–the part where they start to splay out toward her bangs, ya know? Just a little trim to keep them from looking Grandpa-like.

  • is it universally agreed upon that her eyebrow and mustache is unattractive? is there a static, conformist standard to which all women are held? i wasn’t aware of it.

    something is primal and sensual about masculine traits in women. they seem more solid, and human.

  • um…. guys face it she does NOT look good like that and 11 or not when its THAT bad she DEFINITELY needs to get them done! think of what kids tell her… maybe not to her face but im more than positive that she gets made fun of one way or the other because of that and its cruel to make her stay like that!

  • um…. guys face it she does NOT look good like that and 11 or not when its THAT bad she DEFINITELY needs to get them done! think of what kids tell her… maybe not to her face but im more than positive that she gets made fun of one way or the other because of that and its cruel to make her stay like that!

  • With or without a unibrow and upper lip hair, Lourdes is and will always be beautiful regardless. She has striking facial features and luxurious hair that will be effortless to work with when she grows up. Her beauty is natural and very exotic which makes her striking and stand out amongst other 11 year old girls who dye their hair, wax their brows plus more. At the age of eleven years old, we shouldn’t be commenting on these little flaws she has that in time (when she gets a bit older – like 16 maybe?) she could have those minor imperfections (facial hairs) erased. Let her be a kid because no matter what, she is very beautiful.

  • Actually guys, it’s 2009 and Lourdes is 14 now. I think it’s time to do something now that she’s into her teens. When I was 12, I was plucking my eyebrows and bleaching my “mustache” because I was embarassed by it. I started waxing soon after, only because it tends to last longer and the hair will thin out over time. I worked at an Aveda spa and we had 13 year old girls comming in with their mothers for their first waxing appointments. It is not uncommon at all. I think she looks a little like Frida Kahlo mixed with Madonna.

  • This little girl is a doll. She will be a face to remember one day. I don’t know how anyone could ever think this child looks bad.
    Simply beautiful.

  • I am a mom and grandmom…at this age she should at the very least be wearing braces! And I say this for her future…those are adult teeth and need work for her smile to be beautiful and give her self confidence on her own merit. Just because her mother has passed on the braces route she shouldn’t condemn her beautiful daughter to the same. It’s not like she has no money! LOL

  • Yes, she is a beautiful little girl, who will grow up into a beautiful woman. But right now, she is a beautiful girl covered in facial hair. I was waxing at that age, and this girl should be too. Her schoolmates must tease her behind her back at least.

  • I was 11, and i had bushy eyebrows and a monobrow and i got it waxed. I think she is pretty lucky she has good shaped eyebrows but i think she should do her monobrow. I think its pretty mean though to make fun of her ..

  • C’mon she needs to get them done! She is very pretty but all she needs to do is wax her upper lips and monobrow! Its shocking seriously i would be to scared to walk around like that. She is 14 now, and she should of have them done.

  • you are really fucked up people, leave her alone and start talking about yourselves. if she was no celeb’s kid, nobody would ever comment on it

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