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Mark Ronson, Because It’s Only Fair

Mark Ronson at Launch of the Blackjack II by Samsung Hosted by Eva Longoria

I don’t have any dirt on him (well, he’s Samantha Ronson’s brother, isn’t that dirt enough?), but while I’m busy obsessing over everything his sisters do, some of you mentioned you were big fans of Mark.

And he actually managed to show up at an event just last night, so here ya go!

I guess he’s kinda cute. He has the whole broody thing going on.

At the Launch of the Blackjack II event in LA.

Update: Someone saw this post and sent along his video for “Oh My God” featuring Lily Allen. Pretty cool!

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  • He’s adorable! He is so talented. His album Version is out and I want to get it asap since a friend had it in her car and I am obsessed with it. Who does he date? Who has he dated? Anyone…

  • His girlfriend is a Brit that lives in NYC I dunno her name though think she might be an Artist but i could totally be making that up just he said once in an interview how much his GF loves art…guess that doen’t make you an Artist but hey you never know!
    His ex-fiancé is Rashida Jones it ended in like 2003 though.

    I love him too get his Album it’s so fucking good! Is he big in America? I’m in England and he’s quite big – real like love him or hate culture going on!