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David Letterman Will Pay His Staff Out of His Own Pockets

David Letterman Pays Striking Writers Himself

Although new episodes of The Late Show will not be airing during the writers strike, Mr. Letterman has agreed to pay his staff — this is hair and makeup, grips, props guys, etc — through the end of the year. Out of his own pocket.

“Dave’s not doing this to get good press, which is why it hasn’t been reported for almost two days,” says a source.

But before everyone gets all “why isn’t Jay Leno doing this too?,” remember that Letterman owns The Late Show, whereas Jay does not own The Tonight Show. Just saying.

The striking writers on Dave’s show have their own blog now. You can read it here.

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  • I’ve been watching with great interest, and here is what stands out rather profoundly to me. What ever perceived advantage Letterman’s writing staff gave him over Leno, was rather impressively nullified by Jay these past couple of nights, in my opinion. What impresses me most though, and what should really be worrying the writers is that, they don’t seem to be very necessary after all. Conan has done the same thing. I don’t know if Letterman and Furguson could do nearly as well without writers, and the sad thing is, we will never know.

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