Hoang Thuy Linh and the Sex Tape

Hoang Thuy Linh Vietnamese Star Sex Tape

So this star in Vietnam, Hoang Thuy Linh, made a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend (DO NOT MAKE A SEX TAPE, PEOPLE! EVER!!) and it was “accidentally” leaked onto the Internet. But Vietnam isn’t quite so liberated as the U.S., and, instead of making a Paris Hilton-style star out of her, it’s ruined her career. Her television show — on which she plays a virginal schoolgirl — has been canceled as a result of the leak. And it doesn’t end there!

On Thursday, Hanoi police detained four college students accused of posting the sex clip to the Internet. They could face charges of “spreading depraved cultural items,” which carries a sentence of six months to 15 years if convicted.

Police identified the man in the clip as 20-year-old Vu Hoang Viet, who is currently studying overseas. They said a friend copied the film off of Viet’s laptop, and passed it along to other friends who then posted it online.

Most of the public’s wrath has been directed at Thuy Linh rather than Viet.

“People will forgive him, but not her,” said Tran Minh Nguyet of the Vietnam Women’s Union, which promotes gender equality. “Vietnamese think it’s OK for a boy to have sex at that age, but not for a girl. It’s absolutely unfair.”

Man, Paris Hilton or not, this sort of shit makes me really glad I’m an American. I mean, I’m always patriotic, but it’s important to see little reminders of this.

I think Hoang should hop on a plane and come to the U.S.! We’ll make a star of you, Hoang!

The sex video — totally NSFW — is after the jump.

Video removed.

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  1. SuperNova says:

    She is so not doing any of the work!

  2. Anne Landers says:

    Why can’t she move? Same critique for Paris Hilton — LAZY

  3. so says:

    the guy didn’t even make her feel anything. She just laid there.
    So sad .. She didn’t know what sex is like and she lost her career.

  4. This lazy bitch didn’t even get on top. For that, I’m sending her to HELL. Bwaaaahahahahaha!

  5. big cock says:

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  6. fred says:

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  9. FUCK PEREZ! says:

    uhm… What can i say?!…
    At least she got laid…
    i bet PerezHilton is having none of this that why he bought a nwe puppy…

  10. DIAN says:

    it is a humanity

  11. real vietnaese says:

    How can this bitch become so popular because of her fucking small dick..
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  20. _000 says:

    Man, I’m viet AND THIS MAKES THE REST OF ALL LOOK BAD! She’s flat-chested, he’s small and bony. They both have small nipples. I can do better (not being vain), but this is Z-shit!

  21. hei says:

    Name of this story:”pencil dick and CAREER”

  22. Sarah says:

    愚かな人々は決して彼ら自身を録音しないことを学ぶ… ろば。

  23. Lisa says:

    poor girl.How unworthy it may be.

  24. Lisa says:

    it is very interesting that I see other’s message.People from different country have different views.I think that Amercian are more open.

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  26. Syann says:

    Bloody Asians have no idea how to have decent sex;

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    She needs to get out of Asia and find a blurke with a nice 8″ or more, that will be worth losing her career over

  27. Just Saying says:

    Can anybody translate Anonymous and Sarah for the rest of us? Thank-you.

  28. v bryan says:

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  29. DK says:

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  30. FH says:

    Did she actually talk on her phone at the beginning.

    Was she taking it up her ass at the end?

  31. YS YS GO says:


  32. Englishman says:

    well the poor lass has learnt the hard way now of losing her career, and losing face to her countrymen. she trusted her boyfriend for the video clip that they had done thinking it was their own special treat to look at anytime. but this is vietnam, not Europe.

    girls everwhere, don’t trust men, either boyfriend or one night stands for pictures of video clips on mobi’s and camera’s.

  33. lol says:

    People on here complain about how small the dick was. I bet half the people on here have pencil dicks hahaha she does have a hairy one though

  34. The Great North says:

    I feel painfully sorry for her. Never should have trusted that boy in the first place. What a lesson to learn!

  35. Tia says:

    Her vagina looks like a sasquatch! ! ! It looks so out of control! Video is booooooooooooring! There was no dick sucking, no pussy eating, no cum shots, no nothing. Small tits and small dick and she ain’t even that hot. Waste of my time!

  36. Tia says:

    Some asian chic needs to take one for the rest of the team and go out there and make a video that will rock the internet! We need them big fake breast V20 girls with their face full of mac makeup. Now everyone thinks all asians fuck like that so come on now viet girls, go out there and make a hot sex video and off the viet community some sort of redemption from this boring crap

  37. lol says:

    omg you call this sex?

  38. Tran N says:

    Hoang Thuy Linh crying quite loud enough and looked satisfactory with her sex

  39. SP3000 says:

    In the last part of the boring porno. Someone said she was assfuck. It didn’t look like it. His dick is so small she wouldn’t even feel it. That’s why it doesn’t look like she’s being assfuck. HeeeeeeeHeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa!

  40. SP3000 says:

    I bet you she will scream when I get a hold of her.

  41. aussie viet says:

    seriously, what a stupid thing to do.

    she was aware of the video being made. how could she not think of the repercussions of it if it were being leaked into the internet. she lives in a communistic country – what a freaking loser!

  42. nepalboy says:

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  44. r says:

    poor girl…lost her career for this…

  45. dany says:

    boring, boring, very boring

  46. JAWS UnLeashed says:

    #1, This looks like a Set Up, It is totally Obvious that this girl knows Nothing about Sex, she never even moved in the video.
    This guy appeared to have Total Control over her. He never let her move, except when it Benefited him.

    Go to– http://mymoc.net/vanganhfull/

    Look at the 2nd Video

    He had her Pinned down a couple of times, Go to 3:17 to 3:40 He had her by the back of the head Forcing her to Deep Throat him untill she Gagged and nearly Vomited, How come no-one says that this WRONG.

    These Vietnamese people should take a REAL Close look at that 2nd Video, because this girl was FORCED to do this. She has Shamed No-One.

    It’s like that 17 year old girl over in the middle east, who fell in love with a boy of a different Religion. Her family said that she had Shamed them. Her Uncle went to her fathers house Dragged her out into the street and a bunch of people Stoned her to death. One person hit her in the head with an 8″ X 16″ Brick until her head Cracked Open.
    It was found later that in her Otopsy, that the Girl was a VIRGIN and had NOT Shamed the family.

    This Girl was SET UP. Period. End Of Story.

    This Pencil Dick as he is being called should be in a Prison somewhere for Raping her. To everyone who says that it was Obvious she knew she was being taped, May i say, Just because she knew, doesn’t mean she was OK with it.

  47. BiteTheDust says:

    Well said JAWS UnLeashed. She was trapped to build a scandal.

    It’s circus time again!

  48. Chong says:

    Please leave the girl alone. There is nothing wrong having sex with her boyfriend. Vietnamese people should be more open minded.

    The person who posted this on the internet should be sued. Anyone know who is this person?

  49. maricar says:


  50. redshock says:

    why is everyoen focusing on the small dick?? Who gives a damn? Did you all look up this page to see the girl or to look at a dick?

  51. May May says:

    This girl very pool this story has been set up of that guy I feel sorry for her

  52. hendro says:

    i think it’s ok. but you must carefully to making video nextime, heheheeeeee

  53. CH says:

    well, we make mistake every now and then
    some are smarter than others, in this case it’s sad

    I think that the man has a lot to do with the video as well; it might be that he wants everybody know she’s his and obviously after this video she might have problems finding a new boyfriend if he breaks up with her.

  54. hendro says:

    grow up man, we not a kids. everyone can do anything. but you must think the risk. i will supported you. goo linh

  55. hendro says:

    i think it’s ok. but you must carefully to making video next time, heheheeeee

  56. I only hope that she can bear everything as a result of this or change everything in her if not she might commit suicide which I myself dont want to happen. She fails to consider the cosequences of her action. Anyway everything has time and season I hope for her speedy ajustment on this matter

  57. Faint says:

    Seriously, shut up your phone when you are doing it!

  58. Andre82 says:

    she lost her career over little dick; how unfortunate. she’s a disgrace to all asian women in general, especially vietnamese women. she deserved to lose her career.

  59. whoopass says:

    Thuy Linh got boned double time man. One by her BF and one by her show cancelling.

    Well she laid they, the guy needs some big tools like a big jack hammer to get her screaming.

  60. george simonski says:

    According to medical research the bigger the penis , it not as hard as a small penis. As they getting older between 30-45 yrs old they have problem with early ejeculation , small penis can last alot longer. the girls need to look at big penis again otherwise they be disappointed later on , divorce rate in western country almost 50% because the husband have early ejeculation.

  61. Anonymous says:


  62. vietnamese man says:

    Hi people,
    please let be a mature, educated, civilized individual in a human dignity. You should feel sorry for her because she was young and cheated.
    I think those who only care about dick also degrace women sometimes, if not all the times, up to now and later on.
    Your anger should be directed at the one who posted the tape.
    What do you think when she sees these messages you posted now? Do you think that she would say let move on or will jump off from a high place to her dead?
    She already lost her career, and most importantly her dignity in a country that does not tolerate such incidence at no reason whatsoever.
    I think the web site should unpost the video tape!!! It seems the video really spread a bad image of women in general. Most of the male responders feel that they are “better than” the guy in the video at her losing dignity. The words and still pictures are already strong enough to describe the incidence.

  63. Mckakas says:

    lolz wowowowowowwowowowow……small dick…..she geta no feeling?

  64. kk says:

    fucking boring…. girl was lazy….

  65. Chinese gentleman says:

    it’s the cast persons individual privacy, it’s unnecessary to show the sex tape in public. However Hoang is not suitable to be an innocent actor in Vietnam art circles. Also I look down upon this incident guy, only because of personal envy and dispute with his girlfriend Hoang, he even publish this ulterior camera sex video in internet for smearing scandle to her, it’s not a gentleman behavior, he is a rascal. Of course, Hoang is not a kind pure girl, but she doesn’t hurt any other people.

  66. gq says:

    she’s like a wet towel…

  67. 1uresam says:

    how do i see the video?

  68. CIA fan says:

    i saw her pussy cat, dirty,black one.oh my god….
    but I think it will be useful for washington to conquer Communist.
    Very very useful to make them sex slaves as JAP.

  69. Pombo says:

    Alguém tem o link do vídeo???
    Se tiver publica ai.

  70. Jackson says:

    Wow, the racist troll count here is staggering.

  71. dfjsl says:


  72. thuylinhsupporter says:

    i wish i could lend her a shoulder. she fell for the wrong guy. sacrificed for wrong cause. To be double crossed like that…man it’s a high price to pay. someone said majority vietnamese thinks its ok for boys to have sex at this age. if girls are not suppose to have it, who are the boys having with? their mom? duh!

  73. gogo says:


  74. vietnamese man says:

    Hello everybody,
    I really appreciate the web site administrators decided to remove the video. It is the appropriate way. It amazes me that different poeple have different perceptions at the video. However, I think that the perceptions should be aimed toward a constructive way and not to worsen the already urgly incidence for the victim.
    Again, thanks the web site administrators for such a decision.

  75. lady says:

    poor girl….hey guys.u know have alots of cilps in thailand the movies star like to do that

  76. Evil Beet
    Evil Beet says:

    Thanks, vietnamese man.

    To be honest, when I first added this video, I expected to get the typical response that I get when I post things of this nature: “she’s a slut,” “i want to fuk her bigina,” “what a dirty whore,” etc, but the comments that visitors left — visitors from all around the world, many of which I did not allow to be posted here — were so much more jarring and cruel than anything I’ve seen with any other content of this sort, that I decided to pull it. No woman deserves to have such things said about her for simply choosing to engage in a sex act with an adult, consenting partner. So the video’s gone. Find it elsewhere, folks.

  77. mich says:

    You can look at her videos and photos collection here,


    Can anyone verify that this is her?

  78. JOJO says:

    where is the video ?

  79. Campbell says:

    I think Sarah is saying: “Stupid people should learn not to record themselves… Ass”

    As for the comment by Anonymous, I have no idea what it means because I don’t understand any of the Chinese languages.

  80. Flower potato says:

    In China ,that girl may possiblely become a super net-star like the girl named Zhang Yu who exposed her sex tape with some famous directors

  81. anroro says:


  82. Anonymous says:


  83. AukkaraS says:

    Normally in her life….

  84. Anonymous says:

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  85. calina says:

    i hope that she will get over this soon…
    and ppl of her country can forgive her of what she did…
    Everyone deserve a second chance…
    even tho, i dont see that as big deal, and there is nothing wrong of having sex with your boyfriend…
    if male are allowed to have sex at that age, why not female also?
    (by the way if girls arent suposed to have sex till marriege…THEN WITH WHO DOES THIS BOYS HAVE SEX AT THIS AGE? WITH THEIR MOMS?!!?!
    that culture should be updated…
    and that guy who published that sex tape should be punished…

  86. SoSolid says:

    This guy obviously has a very small penis LOL
    Say it again George Simonski Hahahahah

    # george simonski Says:
    October 26th, 2007 at 11:43 pm
    According to medical research the bigger the penis , it not as hard as a small penis. As they getting older between 30-45 yrs old they have problem with early ejeculation , small penis can last a lot longer. the girls need to look at big penis again otherwise they be disappointed later on , divorce rate in western country almost 50% because the husband have early ejaculation.

    I don’t think so George!! Asian men have very small penis”but thats just the way it is I have a friend who has a very small one, only 4 inches when fully hard, Oh how we laugh at him!

    Now as for The girl in this video, I would say it looks like she is not sure she likes it and she certainly does not like the way this little boy fucks. He is a total cunt who is just taking advantage of her against her will and knows nothing about pleasing a woman. I have heard this is normal for Asian men. But that would put me alongside George if I said it were true and not just a fallacy. If she were my daughter I would cut his little balls off and make him eat them!

  87. pants says:

    for fucks sake, how can you people (JAWS Unleashed) think she was FORCED to do this? The tape ends with her PLAYING with herself… the girl was totally down for the fucking and the taping. She just should have been more careful with who she was fucking and what was taping.

  88. jex1964 says:

    why today I can’t to see the video why

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  90. Junea says:

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  91. Robert says:

    It’s pretty sad to see something like this happen to her. Sex should be for marriage and shouldn’t be taped.

    It would appear that there are a lot of insecure people here talking about how small the guy is…..are you guys jealous that he is larger than you? must be…..

    hopefully her B/F will be man enough to keep her as his wife but somehow I doubt it

  92. michze says:

    Hoang Thuy Linh 20 min sex tape can be found here:

  93. Yen Vy says:

    Jeeze, this girl has a lot to learn, too bad that dude won’t be able to teach her anything about sex !

  94. Chen Mi says:

  95. Snake69 says:

    I think she should have took it up the ass,she would have been moving !!!hehehehehehe

  96. she is poor, the man should be sued.anyway

  97. curiousgeorge says:

    where the fuck is the video?? can someone give me a link????

  98. 2231321324 says:

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  101. f u cker says:

    where’s the tape?
    i wanna see that bitch!

  102. Cat cathy VN says:

    do ya really have to pretend crying for such a small dick, or did you really feel any thing at all poor young flat girl? to be frank, I would rather use my fingers and make it myself than looking at that boy’s body shape…… waste of time!

    Hey dont ever think that this is kind of typical Vietnamese girl. We are passionate, lustful and so considerate toward partner…….. but be sure you are not someone looks like this young boy, and you are not fucking to someone like this flat and insipid girl.

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  104. dick head says:

    hey the vdo is removed?? where can i fins it?

  105. KaayGeey says:

    What a waste, no movement, no dick, no breast, lots of bush and now no job. She must shave that pussy and get a really hard cock from a black men.

  106. TheCack says:

    Never let a goddamned camera near the bed. Or the couch. No good can ever come of it. Are you going to beat off to a video of yourself fucking? I should hope not. Just plow her again next time you’re in heat.

  107. Sonny says:


  108. typhu says:

    JAWS Unleashed. you are like the only one who sees that her boyfriend forced her to do stuff she didnt like. he was only thinking about himself. No one deserves to be treat this cold way like linh was treated. So cheer up girl. Its not the end of te world. just dont pay attention to the media. its not worth it.

  109. Brian says:

    Fuck all the Chinese up here, you and your stupid ass comments and disgusting writing (your language looked and sound moronic). We are Vietnamese, Chink

  110. mrs. Tam says:

    Here’s the link i’ve found for the video for u guys. it’s seem like she’s inexperience, but for him, he seem to kno how to work it with his little dick.


  111. macnugget says:

    i dunno man, somehow it looks like she’s forced to do it.. or maybe she wasnt forced to do it, but it really looks like she didnt liked it at all. anywhoooo it was jz too fuckin stupid of her to record it. STEWWWPID!

  112. whiteboy says:

    Fuckin’ white people. I’m white and ashamed of it.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Sighs.. What a poor girl…

    In US.. you fuck you get money, your career will bloosom.
    In Vietnam… you fuck…..you get piss at… and your career is over….

    Who the hell leaked the video.. should be burn in hell

  114. y'y'y'y says:


  115. Miravelle says:

    ok just because shes asian does not mean we have to generalize that everyone in asia has boring sex and small dicks, but yeah that one sucked big time! repressed/lazy ass girl and inadequate boy with small penis!.

  116. kezz says:

    oh poor girl! what misfortune has befallen on you… this boy should know how to care his videos when he knows how to make that clip. he should have realised before consequences were too huge…. now he has spoiled a life of a beautiful young lady who was blooming…. i hope her countrymen will stand up by her side because these are not her fault!!! cheer up poor girl… you have many ways to go, this is just a small obstacle on your way.

  117. Anonymous says:


  118. Video here. says:

    I found video here.


  119. Eko Ile says:

    Leave her alone. She have her life to live. Some people do worst things.

  120. Nobeta says:

    What’s happened?

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  123. Anonymous says:

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  124. amn66my says:

    The lady just a human.make an error in her live. The boyfriend should be blame for sharing their intimacy with his friends.
    We should hand our compassion to her and support her to lead her life further.

  125. Ozzie says:

    Sex is natural. Its nothing bad to have sex but making video is. Specially in conservative Vietnam. She shouldn’t be doing that. At one stage she is holding the phone cam herself and pointing at her own hairy pucci.

    For those of you who say she is inexperienced. Look man she doesn’t seem to be hesitating. She looks like she is asking for it. But then its her boy friend treats her like prostitute. You see where she is gagged and she nearly vomits.

  126. 604_MAN says:

    Doesn’t look like she was forced. If you understood Viet, you could hear her quite clearly she enjoyed the sex while being on camera.

    As for the news article going after the Ex-BF who is supposedly studying overseas, bull-crap. The majority of Viets in Canada and USA, ESPECIALLY IN CANADA, come here to be drug traffickers and do marijuanna grow-op.

    Vancouver and Toronto (in Canada) the biggest. It’s sooooo easy to identify them. They like to flash their money around and dress in Versace and other expensive clothes at outrages price and high end SUVs. Some of them, dressed like clowns despite the highend names. A guy in a Moores suit under $200 still looks better than the clown get ups. And some of the Viet women likes to get implants and dress very little to skimpy to show off their assets. Look like cheap whores with no real class and taste.

    Now with Vancouver clamping down on the grow-ops, Toronto will soon to follow Vancouver’s lead in taking down grow-ops. Now all the Viets are flying over to Montreal, Quebec to start up another grow op. Houses there are dirt cheap there.

  127. Caring Guy says:

    The BF deliberately published the clip. I don’t buy this crap that his friends stole it from his laptop. Most probably this video was recorded before the girl get into acting and famous. So this is an attempt to destroy her reputation and career, and sad to say they have succeeded.

    Yes, she is aware of the recording but she didn’t do it in order for it to be published on the internet.. It is very unfortunate…

    For Linh i would say get out of the country girl for some time and let the rumour vanish by itself. For the rest of you guys be more supportive.

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  135. vietnamese dud Mr. tom chicago says:

    hey every one, i am disagree with some of the people saying bad about her, well it is very normal to having sex with ur lover u dont know what’ s going on at that moment may be she was forced of doing that we never know, ok even though that she wasnt forced but it was an accident she didnt want it to happen come on people imagine that u are her may be u gonna kill urself no body want this to happen she ruin her career we should support her i think we people should give her second chance.

  136. vietnamese dud Mr. tom chicago says:

    hey every one, i am disagree with some of the people saying bad about her, well it is very normal to having sex with ur lover u dont know what’ s going on at that moment may be she was forced of doing that we never know, ok even though that she wasnt forced but it was an accident she didnt want it to happen come on people imagine that u are her may be u gonna kill urself no body want this to happen she ruin her career we should support her i think we people should give her second chance and people plzz stop saying bad about her she has painfull enought thuy linh i hope u still continueing to live on this earth dont think about to kill ur self

  137. E-opinion says:

    This video is natural. It did not make for the camera like some porn movie. I did really enjoyed it. However, the couple did not seem really making love so to speak. I could see obviously the young lady was reluctant. The way her partner fixed her face before the camera when he was derriere her could tell everything. I agree with JAWS UnLeashed she was set up. He might use this video as a tool to threat and manipule her to keep her in bed with him. I heard his father was Chief of Police in Vietnam. The poor girl was being submissive and exploited by VC people.

  138. Theodosius says:

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    I am not surprised. There are girls worse than that but they are not caught cos they are careful with making home videos. There are lots of innocent looking girls that have premarital sex that no one can imagine. She is just being caught on camera exposing her sex life.

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    Forget about America, it’s just overrated, and full of obsessive money-worshippers, just like Vietnam. Hoang Thuy Linh is welcome in Australia. We LOVE Asian girls esp Vietnamese. She should leave that primitive, communist, chauvinistic shithole and come on down. Come on down to the REAL men. We know how to treat ‘em, and we have a level playing field here. FAIR GO FOR ALL! No more of this fucking chauvinistic bollocks.

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    Most of the people sympathizing with her just come up with BS conjectures. You all are ignoring the simple fact that Hoang Thuy Linh IS TO BLAME for even letting a guy videotape her having sex.

    Here’s the obvious: She’s stupid and irresponsible, plain and simple, and to this day continues to act innocent. Watch the last episode of her soap opera “Nhat Ky Vang Anh” — in her out-of-character speech regarding the video, she doesn’t even attempt to make an apology to the audience. Heck, she doesn’t even attempt to give an *excuse*. That’s the degree of her shamelessness, and why anyone like that deserves sympathy is beyond me.

    You can toss around all the bullshit conspiracy theories like “Ohhhh the guy forced her to do it”, but until you can prove your baseless assumptions, the obvious fact stands that only unbelievably stupid people even MAKE their own sex videos without securing them, let alone post on the internet.

    Naivety is not an excuse for plain stupidity.

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