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Are Ellen and Portia Falling Apart?


We haven’t been covering the Ellen vs. the Dog People story around here because, honestly, I feel awful for her and I hate to exploit her for this. Normally exploitation isn’t really a tough thing for me, but my cats are like my children, and if someone tried to take them from me they would have to do so over my cold, dead body.


For such a seasoned professional as Ellen, it is surprising that she broke down on live TV. Is there perhaps something more going on behind the scenes. Star magazine says yes:

According to multiple sources, [Ellen’s] really in pain because her three-year romance with actress Portia de Rossi is all but over.

“Ellen would never have broken down like that on TV if things were right in her home life,” one source tells Star.

Portia has been telling Ellen she’s very unhappy at home,” says a second source….”When it comes down to it, she wants to be with someone younger and hotter. She wants out, but Ellen has been begging her to stay. Portia is really everything in this world to her.”

I didn’t realize that, even in lesbian relationships, you could get dumped for the younger woman. I always figured Ellen was the older, less attractive gentleman in this relationship. Like, when you move into the penthouse with that slightly overweight hedge fund manager who keeps an inhaler in his briefcase, you know exactly what you’re getting into. You don’t get to later be like, “You know, I thought you’d get hotter with time.”

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  • Honey, gay and hetero relationships have the same sort of dysfunctions (getting cheated on, dumped for someone younger, used for sex, lack of communication, you name it).

  • That’s too bad . Ellen is hilarious and seems like a genuinely normal person. Portia isn’t getting younger either. She should realize how lucky she is.

  • What I didn’t understand was that Ellen supposedly gave away about 9 dogs before this last one- so she basically regifts pets. So when she broke down, I think it was about Portia. Everybody loves Ellen. Good luck to her.

  • Just think about it did Portia and Ellen ‘s story start??

    she knew that ellen is older and not hot…..
    there is a difference between attraction and love, between relation and situation….
    Relation doesn’t end , situation could even after more than 3 years romance

    Am I right ladies ???

  • ellen is not hot but i want to fuck her and her girlfriend at the same fucking time so ellen if yur reeding this i want 2 FUCK you baby and yes i am a girl no worries lets fuck!!!

  • how can you all not find ellen hot? she’s scrummy!
    as for her gf, she’s bloody lucky to have ellen x

  • Portia is drop-dead gorgeous. Ellen is too manly looking. She is too butch looking for my taste. I am a lesbian who does not understand why some other lesbians feel the need to dress and act like men like Ellen. I am a female who likes women who look like women not men. If I want a man I’d go out and get one! When her and Portia first got together, I would have described Ellen as soft butch. However, over the last 3 years Ellen has gotten to look more and more manly. On a more serious note, I wonder if Ellen really has transgenered questions rather than being lesbian? I once saw a tv documentary on her and there was a picture of her at around age 8 with a boys oxford shirt and tie on. Portia may have to worry that one day Ellen could tell her that she wants to change her sex. I do not like butch-femme pairings.

  • leave ellen alone all you mofo’s!
    Ellens flippin hot and no im not gay.
    shes so kool, genuine fun-loving and she gives so much, star magazine can suck me off!! not that ii have a penis. they’re such a cuute couple&& there not breaking up.
    ii heart ellen!

  • i think ellen’s great, so funny and kind. i wouldn’t mind trading places with portia ;o)

  • I think it’s absurd that people continue to focus on the looks factor. Ellen’s not ugly by any means I I’m tired of reading on websites that Portia’s “too hot” for Ellen and deserves a better looking girlfriend. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. Love is such a deeper connection than physical appearances and if Portia wanted to break up with Ellen solely because of looks, she would have done it a long time ago.

    Every time I see the two together on TV or in publications they always seem to adore each other. Portia tends to always look completely enamored with Ellen.

  • i am a lesbian and i am in love… many people don’t understand and they keep telling me it’s not love… well i just want people to know no one can steal this heart of mine and continue to bring me down… i’ve been tortured emotionally and i don’t want it to continue much longer than it still is..

    if this world was completely turned around and only gays were the ideal people and straights were ” the wrong” how would that feel.. to be taken away from the one you love… to be judged… to be physically and emotionally abused… to not be apart of the world that we are created equal…

    i just want you all to know my heart have been crushed… they took her away and now im no more…

  • i cant believe it …..ellen seems so nice ….i would have thought she would have boys at her feet …but i guess not …i mean im a les in all but i could have easily gone out with ellen ..its soo unfair

  • basicaly portia is realy hot…….but in terms of relationship if the gossips are true portia realy sucks.yeah im a les and my relalion with my gf is stable.will ellen i know you both can deal with that essue.

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