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Marie Osmond Explains Why She Collapsed

Marie Osmond Explains Why She Passed Out: She Couldn’t Get Her Breath

Marie Osmond gives us her theory of why she passed the fuck out on live TV yesterday.

“Right at the beginning… I started getting light-headed. And the only thing I could think of [is] I have allergies, there’s almost half a million people being evacuated, the air quality is terrible — and I just couldn’t get my breath.”


I still think she was crash-dieting.

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  • You know I’m beginning to think you are right about the dieting. From USA Today:

    Osmond explained on-air that “once in a while that happens to me when I get winded. I stop breathing.” She punctuated her remark with a giggle.

    Yep, she’s totally telling different stories…lol.

  • She needs to loosen that girdle and let her belly flop around some. That’ll help her exhale, I betcha.

  • Clearly it is the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Marie Osmond to lose on Dancing With The Stars. Jessica needs the work.

  • Leave Marie Alone. She is going through a divorce, her son is in rehab and she just lost her dad. Anyone who would make fun of someone who is going through all of that is just rude!

  • Marie Osmond is a beautiful and sweet woman then many people want to talk about her life..thal is right..she a star..but between that…….one think is true…unhappilly many mentions have not has enough considerantions firstily with the person.

  • I dont know marie any more then what I have seen or read but I believe she is a very good looking woman has a great voice and I have never heard of her hurting anyone or slander anyone so it is like your mom said IF YOU CANT SAY ANTHING GOOD ABOUT SOMEONE THEN DONT SAY ANTHING AT ALL