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Brittny Gastineau: Pro-Ana and Proud!

Is Brittny Gastineau Anorexic? Backstage at Heatherette Show

Is Brittny Gastineau Pro-Ana? Backstage at Heatherette Show

Kim Kardashian’s new BFF is starving herself and loving it!

FRIENDS of ex-reality star Brittny Gastineau are worried over her drastic weight loss. “She’s trying to get her modeling career off the ground, and she’s only 105 pounds now,” said a friend of the 5-foot-11 star of “Gastineau Girls.” When she walked in the Heatherette show in L.A. on the other night, “Everyone was commenting on how emaciated she looked.” Scarily, the bony brunette told Jay Leno’s “Ross the Intern” that “anorexia” is how she stayed thin.

Okay, I know the camera adds ten pounds, and I know this blog isn’t exactly an anti-anorexia crusade, but these are pics of Brittny taken at LA Fashion Week, on October 15. She doesn’t look emaciated to me. I also ran pics of her at the Kim Kardashian reality show screening a few days before that, and she didn’t look too thin there, either.

But we’re not pro-ana around here, so what can we do to fatten Brittny up a little?

Perhaps another ‘t’ in her name would help? Britttny? That has a little more weight to it, I think.

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  • not to be mean, but she doesn’t look 105… but then again, I’ve seen her in real life.. she is also no where near 5’11” unless you count her 4″ heels.. really pretty face though..

  • after a quick google search every fan sight i’ve found list’s her as 5’8″, so maybe thats why she doesn’t look that thin/emaciated??

  • “starving herself and lovin it” ?
    Sorry but that is a stupid excuse for beeing to weak to fight against anorexia – I know this due to my own experience..

  • Hey, I am a girl from Holland! And that girl is sick. She is lovin to be pro-ana…
    Physical insain…

  • I’m sorry… 5’11 or 5’8 no way she is 105 lbs. I saw the fashion show where she walked in and she looked fairly big to me. Its only the angle.

  • 105? Only if she’s about 5’3.” I’d put her BMI at about 19.5 to 20.5. Anyone’s arms look thin at those angles – go stand in front of a mirror and try yourself. You can barely see her clavicle her hipbones are only a shadow – no sternum and no lovely bony bumps where her femur meets the scapula and clavicle.

    I’d give her another 15-20 to lose before she’s close to too thin.

    • the femur meets the sacpula and clavicle? wow her thigh bone inserts onto her collar bone???!!

  • You douche!! Honestly, people, its really upsetting to see the way you judge by weight and obsess over it… so what if she’s not 105? Maybe that’s because if she was, she wouldn’t be strong enough to walk for more than ten minutes or open a door without stopping to catch her breath because of the strain put on her heart…and she would barely look like a person… The point is that even if she’s not at as low of a weight as “105” or whatever, she’s still underweight and she is trying to alter her body with unhealthy methods…Even if you’re not really emaciated yet, your body can suffer just because of what you’re doing to it.

    And with my own experience, I could get away with doing worse things before I got severely underweight because my body was a bit more stable to begin with..
    But please, just discourage the way that she’s trying to handle her weight. Not everyone who has an eating disorder is really thin (I was hospitalized and some of the people in the program with me were actually overweight).

  • I’m so glad the person before me posted that, your completly right Girls being that tall and weighing 105 pounds or even a bit more is UNHEALTHY and scary it’s not hot it’s disgusting to see bones, it’s not attractive. A fit and healthy body with boobs and butt are, that’s what makes you a WOMAN not bones!

  • She is NO WHERE near 105 no matter if she is 5’11” or 5’7″.
    She would look much more emaciated and thinner if she were 105 pounds.
    She is AT LEAST if not more 140 pounds.

  • She is fine the way she is; though without the anorexia of course. Why is everyone so obsessed with weight? who cares how much she weighs I;d LOVE to be this thin!!!!

  • Hi ! I’m a french girl and I often look at website like this.
    I’m pro ana too but it’s so dificult sometimes. So..if anyone
    wants to speak with french pro anas to make like with us,
    on the other side of sea : We’re here ;-) !
    Bye bye
    [ …here when we say “shit” its
    the equivalent of marijuana…Lol]

  • What is wrong? I don’t understand. I’m a nurse, and anorexia kills people. It is the second most killer to MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS! I don’t know about you, but there is a problem here. While people are starving themselves because they want to be skinny, there are children in Africa who would sacrifice their lives to have a decent meal, a mother who would give her own life to feed her child. Does anyone not see that anymore? Does anyone see that there is so much more to life than your weight and trying to weigh an unhealthy 100 pounds or even less? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not shutting you down what so ever about your choice, because I do understand that it is your choice, and nobody can stop that choice.

    I see people everyday trying to fight to live. A 16 year old boy just recently died of a brain tumor, fighting like hell to live, yet some people are out there starving themselves? Its slow suicide. It’s a sin to know that people are dying everyday, children are dying, teenagers are dying, babies are dying. Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders just don’t make sense to me. While you get angry at yourself for eating that piece of toast, a child is dying of something much more important then the way that you look, the way that your jean are “too tight,” or even the way that your hair looks. That child is never going to be able to experience how it feels to have jeans that may be too tight.

    At the end of the day, what is more important? If life keeps on surrounding your body image I may see you in the emergency room, gasping for life. I can only imagine how your mother, father, or guardian who raised you to be a confident young man/woman, sees you skipping out on meals to go to the gym, or going to the bathroom after enjoying one of his/her delicious cookies they baked just for you.

    If the rate of anorexia/bulimia/etc. continues, your parents won’t be attending your wedding, it will be your funeral.

    As I stated before, I’m not doing this to anger anyone, it is the last thing I would want to do, I’m just confused, and felt that, maybe someone will read this and really think twice before they throw away that delicious home made chocolate chip cookie.

    I hope I did not cause any grief, or make anyone upset, as that was the last thing I intended to do.

    Thank you,