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Welcome Home, Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan on Her Legs Looks Terrible

Okay, did the Cirque Lodge drop-outs do Lindsay’s spray tan?

Because I find it hard to believe that anyone did that shit sober.

Or maybe Lindsay did it herself. With some $8 self-tanner she picked up at CVS. I hear she’s been short on money lately. Because, I mean, I’ve seen some fucked up tans on this girl, but this one takes the cake.

Hi, Lindsay.

Aren’t you glad you’re back home? Didn’t you miss this?

I missed you, baby. I know we fight, honey, but I do it because I love you so much. Shh, baby. Don’t cry. I’m just trying to show you how glad I am you’re home. You don’t trust me? Oh, baby girl, that’s because you’re stupid. Now go clean your fug ass up and cook me dinner.

lindsay_home1.jpg lindsay_home3.jpg lindsay_home4.jpg lindsay_home.jpg

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  • Hi! I’m from Argentina, and here, we love Linds.
    I love Linds, and i love how she looks
    What’s matterded with the world?
    Why do we look at what we do or we cease to do us?

    No, we do not have an answer.

    I love her and it’s not a problem for me and for anyone what she does, i love her and thats enough.

    Bye, kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina, i love this page!

    LuLLi -LL