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Look, People, Just Because Kate Middleton’s Hangin’ with Prince Charles Doesn’t Mean She’s Engaged to His Son

Pictures of Kate Middleton Hunting with Prince Charles and Prince William

The British folks are all excited because Prince William’s gal pal, Kate Middleton, was finally photographed with Prince Charles. You can’t see his face in this photo, but he’s the little gray-haired dude in the hunting get-up.

The Sunday Telegraph said it was the first time Middleton had been photographed with Charles, “fueling speculation that she is about to become engaged to Prince William.”

The Sunday Times said the pictures suggested that Middleton’s “induction into the royal family appears to have stepped up a notch.”

Okay, so I’ve had three serious boyfriends in my life. Of the three of them, I think I have a picture of myself with only one of their fathers. I dated one guy for six years and only met his father once. I don’t think this means shit.

Cute pics of Kate, though.

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