Britney Spears Crotch Shot Vagina Pussy Beef Curtains Picture, Recent, October 11

I’m not kidding.

Once again.

Britney knows exactly what she’s doing at this point.

As if we don’t write about her enough, Britney decided to give the paparazzi another glimpse of her vagina on Thursday.

Thanks, Brit. Your vagina is so awesome.

In fact, it’s so awesome, it should get to have two young children spend the night with it.

Oh wait.

Uncensored pics are inside.

Update: I’d just like to note that there are currently thousands of people on this site who are here searching for “Britney Spears crotch shot October 11.” I find it endlessly amusing that Googlers now understand that they need to specify precisely which Britney Spears crotch shot they’d like to see.


  1. your mom says:

    what were you thinking!!! i want you to come to my house Nov.15 at 11:30am.and if you back away you will be sorry.

  2. hot girl says:

    pu-lease.Britney is a sweet young girl.Shes smart,pretty and funny.But can be VERY noddy!But Britney I’m am not taking your side because all of us knew what you did and you better be very careful nexy time cause guess what you better shape up!

    lindsey :)

  3. stand cool far cool says:

    :|Britney is a spoiled,little brat.She probably has 5 boyfriends.And guess what your not even a good singer!Your now saying get to the point all ready,so,listen she was having sex in her house and forgot to put on panties.But whatever she was doing it was wrong and stupid!Oh,by the way what your saying about me like “who does she think she is!” or “she is such a freek!” well guess what I have some news for you.
    The only good person around,

    • ok no. shuddup. says:

      Brittney changed pop music. Don’t say shes not a good singer. sure shes a horrible influence. And sure she may lip sync, but she has been a singer for quite a long time. Give her a break. You wouldn’t know what any of this feels like and you probably never will. So let her be.

  4. Love4everyone says:

    I love everyone here you all make sense i would doo u all mostly britney

  5. bplay says:

    britney dis time ìs much better.c wat happens when ur friends with paris.

  6. Joe says:

    you look beautiful

  7. anonamous sexy guy,lol says:

    whats with the sencors? i came to se her puss and i wanna se it damnit

  8. The hottie says:

    I’m way hotter than her.

  9. I'm hotter than the sun! says:

    My name says it all!

  10. Hey People!!!!
    Watch Britney Spears SEX TAPE at….

    Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy…
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  11. aaron says:

    puss gith it to me

  12. britneyspears=uglyhoebag says:

    that picture reminds me of the time my do ate the tinsel shit of the christmas tree then shit in my house all over my new rug then rubbed its ass all over the driveway and left freaking marks on it. so now when i have a guest over my house they ALWAYS go what the hell is that all over the driveway!?! oh ya that is what i and many other people think of hoe bag britney

  13. u father says:

    well so cheap that foto so small put it big than now

  14. Anonymous says:

    i wanna fuck ur tight pussy

  15. chaseluvguy says:

    omg cnt it just show us her vagina

  16. Cenic says:

    Ahh, man, just another red box. Can’t get DVDs from this one, but there is always one open in front of Walmart.

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  20. sam says:

    maybe she like the airy feeling letting it breath and all

  21. Kelli says:

    Hey- I’ve got an idea.
    Why don’t you wear underwear?
    BAM. Fixes the problem instantly.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I would fuck that suit uP

  23. wayne says:

    no curtains! cute little moot!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dam thats Hot!! Wonder if she’s a Squirter. Id let her siak my face

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dam thats Hot!! Wonder if she’s a Squirter. Id let her soak my face

  26. Alfadawg says:

    Dam thats Hot!! Wonder if she’s a Squirter. Id let her soak my face

  27. dave says:

    hey girl i still think ur the bomb.slow down a little cause you dont want to lose your little ones.they need you.i still believe the man that ends up with you is one hell of a lucky guy.take care

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