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Awful. Truly Awful.

America’s Next Top Model’s resident alcoholic, Lisa D’Amato, has released a video for a rap single, “Ace of Spades.”

It is horrible.

I mean, horrible.

It’s like one of those Top Model challenges where the girls have to, like, do a commercial for a Korean beverage in the native language and the end result is 100% cringe-worthy. This video has no redeemable qualities.

“If you don’t like this shit,” she says in the song, “you can fucking lick my twat.”

Well that should be no problem, Lisa, since, if this video is any evidence, you spend most of your time with your legs spread wide open.

Bring it on.

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  • Three minutes and 30 seconds. Time I’ll never get back, yo. But I brought it on myself. I knew better!

  • Oh my God. That was beyond bad. I hate cheap videos. Did she seriously say she’s like a cloud because she turns frowns upside down? And nice fake clementines on her chest. Wow, that was bad. I think worse than Lacey’s only because Lacey’s was crappy pop and this one had rapping. Or at least, what she believes to be rapping.

    That fucking chorus will probably be in my head all damn night.

  • I posted this mess because I knew other people would want to marvel at this train wreck, and so it would drive traffic. And you not only clicked through to it, you commented! Extra page views! So … SUCCESS!

  • I swear…this song is no worse than most of the junk on the radio today. If Fergie had done this song it would be a top 10 hit. MIMS frickin one-hit-wonder ass rapped that he could get a mil saying nothing on the track–and guess what, he did! And with crank that solja boy whatever the hell that mess is stankin up the airwaves, I can’t honestly say this song is shit. I’ve heard much, much worse.

  • Are you kidding me? Pistol whip u in the ass?? Tyra should kick her ass for even mentioning ANTM.

  • No Angela, THIS IS WORSE than everything you mentioned. Horrible, absolutely horrible. She has too many “YES people”. Time to hire some “NO people”…

    I stay SMH

  • oh my Lord have mercy. that was THE most painful thing i’ve ever watched. even flavor of love’s deelishis’ terrible ‘rumpshaker’ song AND video was 1/10 more exciting and entertaining.

    kanye west doesnt sing bubblegum pop music
    white girls shouldn’t rap.

  • she was obviously drunk when she did this vid. ugh she’s ugly as fuck and can’t rap to save her life.

  • BEST. SONG. EVER!!!!!!!!
    What talent!

    She is so off beat with her “rapping” what she’s saying doesn’t flow with the music. And the lyrics are lame and make no sense. I agree, if Fergie sung this song it would be in the top 10 on the charts.

  • That is the worst that I have ever scene. What the fuck made her believe she had talent? Please let it be coke. Let her go to rehab and rid us of this pap forever.

  • congratulations. don’t go spend the dollar you made off my clicks all in one place now! save it for when people stop clicking on stuff they can see on 5 other blogs. peace.

  • Well I love it!! Looks like a girl living it up having an awesome time to me!! The girl has no pulls no punches, has self esteem for miles and is obviously enjoying herself……….I detect some jealousy in here….and its coming from me!!! I love it!!

  • I feel like I’m really supposed to hate this, like it’s in my genes. But I loooove this song. Love it! It’s just so cute and bubbly! Ehehehe!
    Power to Lisa!

  • what happend to “oh how i love me some lisa d’amato?”
    Lisa is awesome if u don’t like it then, well, you know.