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Tila Tequila Will Fuck Anything

Tila Tequila to Star in Bisexual Dating Show on MTV

Everyone’s favorite MySpace slut is coming to MTV in the country’s very first bi-sexual dating show.

Is it the world’s very first bi-sexual dating show? I’m not sure. Perhaps another country beat us to the punch. Leave it to France, I bet.

Anyway, the show will be called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and debuts October 9.

It’ll work like any other dating show, except 16 of the contestants will be straight or bisexual men, and 16 will be lesbian or bisexual women.

Her singing career didn’t work out so well. So it’s nice to see Tila returning to her roots: whoring herself out for publicity.

Want more? Be sure to check out our nip slip gallery and our crotch shot gallery.

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  • I bet the contestants will be sleeping with each other as much as trying to hook up with Tila – sounds more fun than “the bachelor”

  • I do not approve of the title of this item. Until she services me, how can you say she will indeed “Fuck Anything”?

    And yes, I am that simple a creature. I do not hide it.

  • She’s got a funny shaped face/head.
    It’s like square from straight on — no chin — and then from
    other angles she looks like an alien.
    She’a famous for no reason.
    And not hot.

  • for real…i mean she’s not hot and im a lesbian so i think i would know but that one girl on there with blonde and black hair is hot :-) the only reason i would be on there is to get the lesbian contestants, haha (not all of them by the way)

  • Tila u r the most sexiest person i have eva seen!!4 real!!!i really wanna fuck you until u climax!!!

  • Tila is a DIMEEE and she should end up wit a dude, shes wayyyy to hot to b a les… no offence (to lesbians)

  • I love Tila Tequila she is so sexy!! Ilove her because I’m a girl and we have one thing in common we’re both Bisexual!!!1

  • I love Tila Tequila she is so sexy!! I love her because I’m a girl and we have one thing in common we’re both Bisexual!!!1

  • fuck yeah tila’s hot whats wrong with you haters ?? just cause she’s the hottest computer nerd on the planet doesn’t mean you should hate on her cause you belong in a paper bag ….

  • all the things you say about tila are mess up tila is really hot and sexy but all, the things ur saying are not true

  • Omg fuk yeah il fuk datshy ot o her and treat her gud bcuz am a hot bi ilL have her climaxing ever were and show hdr real love and resP3Ct sumting she l0oking 4 .. says:

    Tila tila iam dat oNe ilL take them sexi asz lipz and make them go throw ma b0dy and he b0odz 0mg ! Il fuq her intil she climax and make her lyk a rdal grl neva eva lyk a man gave it 2 her !DamM bA22330 kall me

  • lee mitchell wrote:
    Why is it, everytime I look at her picture, I hear her in my head saying “Me love you long time”?

    Because you’re a bigot who thinks of people of other races in terms of media stereotypes?

  • Don’t blame Lee Mitchell because she acts like a street walker! If she promises a Happy Ending, damnit, then it’s a wrap. Ho, ho, ho! It’s Christmas, bitch.

  • wtf is wrong with you people? Tila is amazing. she is in no way a slut or a whore so why do you say that? are u just pissed that she is good looking and famous? she is also one of the most down to earth people just because you dont like her doesnt mean you all have to sit here and bad mouth her

  • you guys are all messed up tila is fucking on fire. All i know is that if ig ot a change to touch her tits or do anything to her i would tapppppp that shitttt shesss maddd fucking hot and she would ride me

  • I agree with the cat who said she looks like E.T.
    But in all fairness, the bitch does have a bomb ass body

  • But a shot of penicillin would probably be better.

    I heard her new show will be: “A Shot at Clamidia with Tela Tequila”

  • tila dont listen to all these lame people you are sexii az hell and if i eva meet you i want you to be mine and i will take care of you and do any and every thing you ask me to do. like what you hear hit me up at my spot at and let me know something…

    love and respect
    always and forever

    new new
    ps. dont forget about me now

  • lol its funny to see how sooo many ppl hate her and say she’ll “fuck anything” even tho u really have no much jelousy its funny
    anyway i think tila’s hot and obviously knows how to make money, she doesnt need 2 b a whore..sure she’s only a myspace thing but plz look how much money that made her just starting there. good job tila

  • man i dont see what the fuss is all about tila tequila if fine i dont see why all den ladies are hatten on her i no fo sho that any guy would tap that ass i no i would.she is fuckin fine.all yall ladies are just pssed off wit da fact she is finner than most of yall.doesnt mean yo need to be dissen on her.i mean any guy would kill to be wit her.i mean shes a person to she has feelings

  • Note to lola and LIL PLAYA. Please use protection, as I see drippy appendeges in you futures. You don’t have to be psychic to figure this one out. LP- go back to school with a quickness. It’s never too late.

  • well i do not believe thatshe a damn slut i mean i think that she is just a damn girl that is trying to find love and why not try it out beofre tasting the whole damn thing…

  • Tila Tiquila is another peice of American trash created by lonley, ugly Hollywood producers who use HER to live out THEIR fantacies. I’m disapointed that I can turn on the television at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday and garbage like “Shot at Love with Tila Tiquila” is what MTV is offering to our young, impressionable minds. With television advocating stripping to sexual activities with multiple partners, we as a society need to re-think what we offer to our children and teens as entertainment and try to bring back some morals into this country.

    Tila Tequila, you are trash. You, among the others (Britney and Paris) are poisoning our society.

  • Yooo that shit is sooo sexy i wish i could fuck her all night long and eat out her pussy like chicken and shove my dick up her ass and make he swallow my 13″.. DAMMM SHES HOT!!!

  • hay tila i love u wanna have u baby i wanna lick u up and down baby. but i heard that ur a hoeeeeeeeeeee and i dont like that i want u to be my bitch okay bitch lick my pussy bitch do it…………………………………..


  • ughhhhh i hate pop culture and you all gross me out
    but why does everyone think she has an alien head?
    this face shape is not uncommon amongst asians..

  • Hasn’t anyone figured out that if you can only sit here and dwell on horrible pieces of gossip, that you obviously hate yourself?! And the stereotypes that people actually believe is apalling.

    Whoa… Says:

    December 1st, 2007 at 10:51 am
    Isn’t this Tila Tequila concerned that she can get AIDS??????

    That sounds like the stereotype that gay and lesbian individuals automatically have AIDS, and that is not the case at all! In fact, if you check out the studies that have been done on AIDS patients, 90% of the patients are heterosexual! How’s that for a cold, hard fact? It’s sad that people are this close-minded and stupid. If you don’t like her, or her show, you do have a choice not to watch it. Or, are you actually one of the pathetic little sheep that just can’t bring yourself to do it because you don’t have a mind of your own? Such sad little people. You’re disgusting, actually.

  • I am a Gay woman and I think Tila’s Promiscuality is what makes her an AIDS canidate, it doesn’t matter the preference, it’s the irresposible actions that humans make. I think Tila is very unattractive, with no talent, no class, and no self respect. I believe her intentions to become a celebrity is genuine, but she’s going about it all wrong. Her mind set is that just sex makes you famous, but when she gets old and her little plum shaped head turns into a wrinkly prune head, what is she going to do then? She has no skills, her music sucks, and she looks like the everyday girl in the mall. When I saw her giving Dani’s grandmother a lap dance, I thought that was some real disresprctful shit, to bounce her stankin ass on that old lady’s knee. She presented herself to the families, like a stank hoe stripper. I can’t believe such a hot and down to earth woman like Dani would demean herself to go on a show and beg for a chick that’s probably uglier and nastier than any woman she’s ever had. Plus why would you want some skank ass hoe that screwed almost everyone on the show, that shit is nasty. It’s gotta be just for TV.

  • Whoa was NOT indication that Tila Tequila could get AIDS simply because she is bi-sexual. It is because the whore has several sexual partners, that is why. Gay, lesbian, bi or hetero, doesn’t matter. AIDS threatens ALL!


  • direct quote from some individual up there:”wtf is wrong with you people? Tila is amazing. she is in no way a slut or a whore so why do you say that?”

    direct quote from tila’s “lyrics”:
    “Creepin’ everytime I got a minute to spare
    I was tappin’ that ass everynight like I didn’t care
    I call them all baby cuz I forget their names
    You would do the same so dont call me insane!
    I got lingerie on that is ready to tear
    So I pushed him on the bed and started pullin’ his hair
    Then my phone started ringing it was my other man
    We gotta finish up as fast as we can!

    All my playgirls out doing their thing
    Who dont give a damn about what people think
    We girls have a right to get nasty too!
    Cuz I don’t want no love I just wanna get screwed!”

    …nooooo nooo all this talk about tila being a slut who has gotten famous by solely marketing her own body for sexual reasons is SUCH a stereotype. she doesn’t deserve that at all.

  • Oh my gosh, all she is famous for are her looks. It’s pathetic. Her only skills are giving handjobs and shit. And what does everyone say about her that likes her? “Oh, she’s so sexy, I want to bang her.” THAT’S IT. Her music is utter crap. In fact, I actually liked her until I heard her music. It’s terrible! And all of the lyrics are just like, “Imma bang your man!” And how did she get famous? She was in a mall. Someone saw her and thought she was hot. That’s her life. She will never be anything but a body, and in 10 or 20 years nobody will care anymore because she’ll have wrinkles. Instead, she will be a milf whore.

  • I want to fuck tila like hell she is so hot and I love her laugh she has amazing gigantic tits I just want to smuther my face in them she would lick my vagina and we would have sex all day long and carry on all night and I have nothing against fucking guys to I love both sex I had a threesome with a guy and a girl at age 15 it was so awesome we should all have fun with sex!

  • Ok,I like Tila && everything..and her show..put Kalista is right.Why is she famous’? But oh well i dont really care.let her do her own thing and be happy about it

  • mtv sucks now because they have more shows than music videos.. tila tequila is another whore and its sad that our world is getting sicker and sicker than ever. what will happe to our kids??

  • fantastic a 4’10” midget whore finally has her own show on MTV “Catch VD from Tila the midget”. Ok so she’s young now and not burnt out from whoring herself out, but wait 10 years down the road she’ll be back on the internet starring in midget sex fetish videos!

  • the show is cool and everything as long as they keep it bisexual with a woman and not start with some sick shit of bisexual guys. send em´to cuba or something, theyre only usefull for a diseace transmition, gay love pfff is more like monkey love to me haha. Lesbians rock!


  • hey i think tila is sooooo fuckin hot i woul love to eat that all night long if my ex girlfriend doesn’t beet me to it but that would be fun to watch just as well

  • i love you so much i would make you so happy tila in the greatess way you never experience i would give any thing to be on your show but i get to watch you all the time and everytime i/m just getting so wet for you tila i fall in love withyou everytime that i watch your show i just want you and dani all to myself alright so i’ll see you on your show love you

  • you are hot i luv seeing your boobs i am bi you should be naked on tv without it being blurred out i love your ass and boobs shake em for me i love you baby

  • this is what it’s come to. some stupid, talentless skank ho becomes the center of the universe for all the tatooed idiots i went to highschool with. this country is overrun with stupid, unemployable, ignorant, illiterate scumbags, cheered on by the evil and not so stupid execs at MTV/Viacom (who would sell their own mothers if it put a dime in their pockets). tila tequila is a nasty, talentless, silicone-filled piece of trash, but to the element i describe, she is “fukin’ hot” or idiotic phrases of the ilk. in 15 years, when you’re all stuck in your crap jobs, weathered from chain smoking, divorced a time or two, think back to how you spent your time, what you did with your mind. f*** tila, and everything she represents. this is why america is a laughing stock…..

  • Hey! im a lesbian and i love tila! if i had a ngiht with her this is what id do:

    grab her tits
    pull off her clothes
    lick her body
    eat out her pussy until she squirted in my mouth
    then shed eat me out
    then wed 69
    get a strap on cock
    id fuck her brains out
    in out in out in out in out in out
    uiuhhh! harder!!!!!!! yes yes yes yes!
    fuck her in the ass
    ohhh babyy! uh fuck her harder!!! uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh AHHH! yes yes ! ih fuck me !!!!!
    eat out her nice and loose pussy again as her dog fucks me in the ass!
    id fuck the dog with the strap on cock whiel the dog ate her out uh uh uh uh uh uh uh YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!
    the the dog would eat me out. as tila gave it a blow job ohh
    then i suirt all over with a screaming orgams and more strap on cock fucking

    that is my fantasy:)
    add me;)

  • You people are clowns for worshipping this slope. She’s carrying every STD imaginable, and her head is a TRIANGLE! Sexy??? Yeah right! Send her back to the homeland where she can resume peeing in the rice fields.

  • nno disrespect to tila and everyone who would love to fuck the shit outta her but shes disgusting. all she has is a body which i would bet is the fakest thing out there. the hoe prob slept with everyone on the show.
    i hate tila
    and not because of jealous of her so called “sexiness”
    becuase the only thing i see is her head.

  • i wachted A SHOT AT LOVE and i would give it a 5/5…. wait no… over 9000/5 hehe

    i just saw the reunion and im looking forwar to dominikos new show. lol.

    But i wanna ask all u guys a question.
    who should have tila chosen? Dani or Booby…i mean Bobby? lol

  • Why on earth are you people burning all this energy talking about that waste of space (Tila). Bad or good, any publicity helps the pig….STOP IT!!!!

  • Tila is a Hot Asian Beauty and you racist haters are jealouse of her sudden fame! GET A LIFE! TILA is popular now and is going to be a success in her music and on MTV so you haters can only wish you were her.
    So get on with youre ugly self you skanks and fagboys!!


  • tila im on my dads computer im a ho hottie i love you i feel that i just known you i think we have a deep deep conection with you love oh and your show is hot like you are god is missing a angel its you

  • In this photo, her mouth looks as if it were incrusted with viral spores and covered with lipstick. Her face is going to wind up eating itself if she doesn’t slow down.

  • u fuckin sexy biitch give me a shot at luv i will lick u out and u will too!
    ur tiits are amazing big TITTS rock!!!!!!!!

  • you are prob like tila,you know you want tila so dnt be mad cuz ur and old ugly woman ythat cldnt get on the show,haah than u

  • i love you tilla and your show. If i was on it you would have picked me! I would eat your pussy so good it would leave you speach less!

  • I hate that tile “tila will fuck anything” cuz after you experience me you wouldnt want anyone else!

  • I just realized how large of a fucking fandom Tila Tequila harbors on the internet.
    It is a fucking annoyance.
    The first fifty something or whatever posts on here are courtesy of Tila fans.
    Arkii FTW.

  • I love all the people who rave about Tila Tequila has the typing ability of a macaque with down syndrome.

    Yo!111 she b3 m4d like hot11!!

  • damn dat bitch is sum fine mess! I’d fuk her ass out until she cum all over mah face! I’d thurst my throbbin’ dick in her wet pussy harder and faster till’ she scream mah name!

  • Hey guys!
    Bobby broke up with me and now im having another season of A shotat love . I love you all and whoever makes it on then goodluck!

    Tila Tequila.


  • For whoever said Asians are smarter than whites.
    If you ppl are so smart, why is it that other than South Korea and Japan (Americanized), the quality of life in the Orient is total shit. You should shut up and be proud to be in the best country on earth. You’re safer hear anyway, considering some day soon your homeland (China, Norh Korea) will most likely be vaporized in a giant mushroom cloud. MAN you guys are smart.

  • u all are just a bunch of haterz.. please u all no dat she is soo pretty and ur all hatin cuz ur not please u only live once so if she likes being the way she is about sex and how she looks she having a great life i think yall a bunch of haterz cuz u cant get nobody and everyone wants her. STOP HATIN ON TILA!

  • Tilas flippin gorgeous.
    Dont hate because your not her, shes hawwtt
    Bet all those other chicks calling her a slut
    are just mad because they dont look like her
    Either way shes got money, so she must be doing something right

  • um kayla dear, you are a fucking idiot..she is hideous and has herpes all around her mouth and wears too much make up. THIS BITCH IS NOT HOT AND NEITHER ARE YOU!!! Kayla is ugly! Na-na-na-na-boo-boo bitch! And your cooter stinks!

  • U r so fine. i`m a girl.i think i love u. cata wants to bang u it true broke up with bobby.i want to love are so hot in the viedo i love u.ur ass is so fine.i could bang u up.ur boobs are me at 973 876 5643

  • I’m bisexual….personally wouldn’t ‘fuck anything’ but ooooh, the things I could do to her ! ! Or her to me if she wanted to…..PLEASE ! ! ! !

  • Y all u bitches gotta hate. 1 if ur a tila hatta then we don’t realy give a fuck. 2 if u do love tila that’s 1 mo person on r side. If u hate her amazing personality n her sexiiness keep it 2 ur self cuz like I said we don’t give a shit. Celeb Or no celeb I will all wayz LOVE TILA TEQUILA. N I respect her 2 much 2 b say n “fuck me, n I want u 2 bang the shit ota me.” Come on just cuz she haznt found THE 1 doesn’t me shez gonna FUCK every 1 that iz try n 2 get at her. Touchen her iz like touchen a ANGLE.

  • OMG tila lover is an autistic whore. what grammar school did you to? None? Surprising. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  • tila i hated that u ended up eith bobby and thats y ur ass got dumped like 3 weeks l8ter ( b4 ya gay mascarey)

  • omfg! what for a tekst do you tel hear?:O i’want her pussy??:O:O god people go take a life dude’s PS. a shot at love is great!! but my ma is hating this :( and i can no wating it!! but no worris i i;m wating it in secret! xxxmy

  • he chlopaki coo terz lubicie tile?? haha tez taK MYSZLALAM i jest a shot at love tez w polsce?? o ale supper bo prawie jade do polski i tez tam bym mogla patrzec no to paaaa buziaki


  • I what to Sex u up i wan’t to sex u up and like you’r pussy and i wan’t to kiss you till the end of time.

  • Whats the big fuss over this girl? she looks weird….
    and why anybody would degrade them selfs and go on
    a show to get with her, is beyond me :S

    Strange world we live in. The funny thing is theres
    100s of these shows, Its a no brainer. So theres my rant.
    and really anybody who ‘trys’ to tell me other than that
    im none of the things your going to say. i genuinely dont
    see what people see in her :)

    Sean, Ireland

  • The heading of this post is titled “Tila will fuck anything” Im game! Id like to put her ankles on each side of my head, push her knees up around her head and beat it as she begged me to hit it harder. Then get those beautiful tits pushed together just as in the picture above and hit them for awhile. Then let her suck me off till I cover her face in hot cum!

  • You know what? Maybe she is a slut, but when you think about it most people are. If a girl behaves like most of the guys on the planet she’s immediately branded a slut. screw you guys, maybe she just likes fucking people. dont try to tell me you dont. :P

    nothing wrong with a little honesty now is there

    shes hot, get over it. dont hate on her cos shes bi or asian, some people have serious problems with this. personally, I’m bi and i like sex, not ashamed to say it in the least, but that doesnt mean ill fuck anything that moves.

    the long and short of this is, shut your fat mouths dumbasses.

  • yo bitch what are you getting out of squeezing your breast you should save the milk for your kidds smart ass ;)


  • hey tila ……..i just wanted 2 say dont mind these ho bags !!!! i think that your so cool …… having your own tv show !! n now your own web site ………… i think you are better of without bobby !! ……………………. i wanted dani 2 win ……=[ because shes really cul and fun !! ……….. i havent seen the finally yet but i read the comments so now i now ……………..
    i taught that brady was the best ……………… bu she walked out on you so …………. ??? o yea im hayley and i live in ireland ……………….thanks 4 readin my comment (if u do ) please wb (write back ) please lots of lov your fan hayley ….xxxxxxxxxx

  • hey guys i just wanna let you know that im not a ho or anything like it so keep your NASTYcomments to yourself thanks .
    and yes haley i also think im beter of without bobby I CANT WAIT FOR MY NEW SHOW {A SHOT OF TEQUILA WITH TILA ].thanks everyone

  • you people who think tila’s ugly; your INSANE!
    tila your beautiful. i would love to meet you. your amazing and down to earth. gorgeous and so much more!


  • hey guys!!!
    i think tila is very hot!!
    even if i´m not a lesbian, i think that she´s very beautiful…i mean look at her face…^^
    and i don´t think that anybody would come to her show on mtv when she wouldn´t be hot!! or am i wrong…???
    damn she is sweet^^
    bye..maybe we see us..

  • damn! she is so hot .why do not all girls look as hot as her? i don t want to insult uglier girls but tila is a granade.holy shit.
    excuse me for my bad english
    i´m from germany^^

  • she cute and hot .she krazy with the k not the c she fun and brave she knows’ how to deal with problems .she one of a kind .i think she sould of pick dannie but she picked whoever the only thing i will say about that she could of done much better but i dont blame her i guess you have to do what you have to do.and she did what she had to do.i thinkshes’ a great little hot intelliget ,brave ,krazy ladie thats’ why i emirer her so, so,much and your guy got his own show

  • look i m sorry i started to do crystral meth and i just need the money so ill do anything now 4 money

  • im a big fat hot whore soooooooo call me and i will fuck for food. or pennies, which ever you like. my singing career is fucked so i better stick to stripping and giving blow jobs to random men. dont you agree? you do? lets fuck then!

  • I wish me and you could fuck,i wish you could suck my big tasty dick youll LOVE it. I wish i would eat your pussy.I would fuck you all long. none stop.I would kiss you to head to teo.Same goes for your pussy,and big tits.ALL I KNOW IS THAT I WOULD FUAC YOU LIKE NO ONE HAS.

  • Tilaaa! perfeita!
    *-* cara, “ela é tudoooo!
    nao sei se tem algum brasileiro aiii?!!!
    se tiver, e tbeem se assiste o programa na MTV (da tila) me avisa!
    beijoooos pros “brasileiroooos (::::
    ou melhor, Kissssiiis!@; seusss burro!

  • she is awesome. all you people hating on her need to die and burn in hell. if you can’t live with the fact that she is better then you, then maybe you shouldn’t be living.

  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Tila is a bussiness woman, come on people. This only gets her back into the little spot light she had from before. No one knew of Tila before the show on MTV. So she gets Boob Job and now she’s Hot.
    Sara your a Dum ASS. haaa

  • Fuk Tila…she have i flat face it seems that when she born her parents were so scared cuz she was so ugly… the face who put to him with jumps in the face so that it was fixed.. fuk tha hoe…..she is just a fukin asian bithc trinna look like an american porn star…ha..ucant do it like me baby i have wut others womans need….and + ur bresteses are fake like ur ass…cuz wut i noe every asias woman are flat like a many serguries have u done 2 ur bode????Fuk tila..she doesnot work… da real wum
    girls if u wanna hallla at me ……ucan doit by:\jerseygurl201


  • tela tequila has got to be one of the sexiest bi-sexuals ever and i would fuk the shit out of her no matter how many guys she has had sex with and i would eat her out until i passed out

  • erg. tila. where do i start? even my brothers think shes an ugly hoe, according to my oldest brother she looks like “a chihuahua X gremlin and has a weird shaped head”.. have 2 say i agree.
    When guys say shes hot id say there more attracted to her fake chinese boobs. F’in ugly without make-up on 2…
    tarty hoebag.

  • i bet that paul rodgers guy is a total nerd. U wouldnt b drueling over the chihauhau look-alike if u were able to find a gf urself. but just stick to internet hey? that way u can communicate without people throwing up.

  • ugly bitch. shes got no talent.
    i think im da first guy that aint sed “tila i wana fuk u all nite long”. pfft. i aim higher

  • yo tila whats goin on can i fuck u or u can give me a blow job cause i would fuck u all night long and u would love my big long dong


  • okk tilaa tequilaa is sxyy and i wishh i was olderr causee i wouldd deff get withh herr .. she is so sexyy <33 omgg i lovee her eyes,her rsonality, andeverythingg about herr = love <33 ohh babeyy


    ugly dog face skanko slut head horse fucker. gook. slanty-eyes. ching-chong. midget. rice muncher.

  • I think she is pretty, has a nice body. But I would not fuck her. She could be nakid in my bed and I would hand her her cloths, she prolly only brought a rain coat anyway, and tell her to leave.

  • ok, u guyz are all prevs, straight or lesbian i would never touch tila even with a 20 foot pole ok…i mean, if u want someone like her go to a strip club were u actually might get some if ur lucky, and if ur lik upsest with her, then try to get on her show, maybe she can be ur lover, but sry about the odds man so……yah, and 4 all u desperate wannabe’s out there i dont give a damn about who u want, but if u have feelings 4 a person, then show it, dont hold back cause u never no when u end up drunk with a hot gurl/guy, try to get lucky, u might never remember it again, but hey, it will still make u a normal man and/ or woman…………….and o yah, i shake my head to the person who created this site, and the only reason im hear now is being this is ruining some of my friends lives!

  • OMG. fck me already you hot sexyhorny lez. u r so damn ot an i would loe to kiss u and fuck u and lick ur pussy and boobs

  • zij is echt lelijk man vies met die tieten ik vindt rihanna nog veel mooier en britniy spears ook met die kaale kop

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