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Jude Law Kicks Some Ass

Jude Law Arrested for Beating up Photographer

The hottie actor turned himself into police on Tuesday after beating the crap out of a photog he spotted outside his London home. Law was apparently concerned that the paparazzi wanted to photograph his children, and allegedly called him a pedophile.

Following the arrest, his lawyer released the following statement:

“I can confirm that Jude Law voluntarily attended Marylebone Police Station yesterday following an alleged incident outside his house earlier in the day. Mr. Law provided the police with a statement regarding his denials of allegations by a ‘paparazzi’ photographer against him and made his own allegations concerning the photographer. Jude has the utmost respect for the police and whilst this is an ongoing matter no further comment will be made.”

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  • Jude Law is not too fond of the paparazzi or the press since that “babysitter” episode. But if someone is stalking his damn kids (camera or not) then they deserved a beat-down.

  • PURRRRRRRRR…come here Jude… need to stay away from those younger nanny types who do not know what they are doing…..get some counseling……..stop cheating……I know you can do it…..inside you shine……find your shine again…..

  • Hey, Jude, don’t be an ass, but be a bad-aaaaass, ’cause that’s alriiiiight, remember, to keep yourself nice and clean, ‘less there’s a paaaaap, then you can get me-ean. (Rough Translation: Wild is fun – out of control is stupid. They’re not equal. Button your trousers, and be man – the fight, if legit [for the right reasons], is encouraging to those who may doubt you still possess any manhood.)