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Nicole Kidman: “Can We Talk About Me Now?”

Nicole Kidman Reveals She Miscarried Tom’s Baby

Nicole Kidman is really tired of hearing all of this Suri shit. In an upcoming interview with Vanity Fair, Tom Cruise’s ex reveals that she miscarried his baby at the age of 23. The couple later adopted two children.

Now 40, and married to country singer Keith Urban — who recently did a stint in rehab — Kidman hasn’t given up on her dreams of motherhood.

“I’m yearning to have one. I think I would be very sad if I wasn’t able to have a baby. Keith knows I want one, and he has been getting there slowly.”

God, that must make those adopted kids feel so awesome about themselves. Yay, Mommy adopted me when she couldn’t have kids biologically! And she thought there was some chance that I might be good enough! But I totally wasn’t!

Kidman also spoke about feeling lonely after she won her Best Actress Oscar for The Hours.

“You’re in a hotel and you’re like, ‘Okay, well, I’m sitting in this big suite with an Oscar and I still don’t have a life – what is wrong with me? Who do I jump on the bed with, and celebrate with, and order pancakes with?’ That was painful, not having that person to share it with.”

But Nicole’s not yet done dropping bombs — she also reveals to the magazine that she was engaged to someone between Tom and Keith. How did we miss that?? Damn you, Nicole! You’re not supposed to hide stuff from us.

“I got engaged to somebody … but it just wasn’t right. I wasn’t ready. We weren’t ready.”

Who was that somebody? Lenny Kravitz, perhaps? Hmmm.

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  • holly shit i had no idea that she had a mis carrage that is so sad. I thought she was awsome in the golden compass!!!!

  • You post things around here saying her kids say they’re not good enough for her. Well no one actually knows what goes on PROPERLY in her house. That’s for her and her family to know.
    I’m sure that isn’t the case and if Nicole didn’t love her children she wouldn’t have adopted them.
    She may want her own children biologically but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about Bella and Connor. I say say let her private matters stay her and her family’s private matters.

  • It is true that we dont really know what happens in that household… but the fact is that her two children , Isabella and Connor DONT live with her!! So that in itself says a lot. Plus I understand that she would want her own bio-kids but she adopted 2 beautiful children which makes her a mom, but to say out loud and in public that she’d be sad if she couldnt have any bio-kids.. means that the 2 kids she has -adopted arent enough which isnt a very nice thing to say to them

  • sucks that she’s had a miscarriage like ten years ago!!!! but i’m sure her career had nothing to do with it. What upsets me, even reading this a year after, is that she talks about being lonely and not having anyone to celebrate with…. um, so what are those kids exactly, monkeys for the cameras. I guess we won’t know for sure how they feel until they grow up and speak up for themselves.