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Which of Them Will Be the First to Go to Rehab?


Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe pose at the Playing for VIP beach party in Mallorca, Spain.

Miss USA is pretty, but the other two are just sort of meh.

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  • Rachel Smith, Miss USA, is not a media darling precisely because, unlike her predecessor or the Paris Hiltons of the world, she doesn’t do drugs, drive while drinking, or create public scandals. She is a magna cum laude graduate of a highly regarded college.
    For weeks prior to the Miss Universe pageant finals, she was harassed by the Mexicans for no other reason than her national origin. On finals night, contrary to press reports, she was booed before she even set foot on stage, when tapes of the national costumes competition were shown. Pageant organizers had to reinforce security for fear the hostile, racist mob would storm the stage. If she had been participating in a fair competition rather than an ambush, she might well have been crowned Miss Universe 2007. We are honored to be represented by a young lady of such courage, poise, and strength of character.