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Nicole Is Back to Being a Famewhore

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Pose in Central Park, As He Touches Her Pregnant Belly

Man. That was a really weird few months. But now that all 82 minutes of her jail stay are behind her, Nicole Richie seems once again to have warmed to her old pals, the paparazzi.

A preggers Nicole and her rumored fiance Joel Madden just happened to be posing adorably in Central Park when some photogs wandered by. What a coincidence!

Also: it looks to me like Nicole roots are dyed again. She let them go for awhile — we all figured it was because hair dye isn’t recommended for pregnant women — but I guess now that she doesn’t have to look like a responsible mom-to-be to avoid jail time, she’s back to focusing on being a hot mom-to-be.

joel_nicole1.jpg Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Hold Hands and walk around central park joel_nicole2.jpg

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  • JOEL & HILARY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i cannot believe that you people think that she is being a fame whore.. even if she were c, can you blame her? its all shes ever grown up to know??? and besides that fact, if you were in love and having a baby with that person wouldnt you want the world to know? i know i would.. and you should be happy for hilary and joel, that was puppy love, hilary’s first love, now she can move on to a more mature relationship, and joel is just as happy otherwise why would he still be as commited to nicole? and dont think just because she is having his baby, because in these days its not a huge guilt factor for a guy to leave a woman when shes pregnant (unfortunate as that may be). grow up and be happy for them. dont like that theyre in the tabloids? turn the page.

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