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Rumer Willis Has a Very Flat Stomach


Why do I care about Rumer Willis?

Why do you?

What does she do?

Why do I run her picture when it shows up?

It’s not like it’s a slow news week. It’s only Monday, and already Owen Wilson’s tried to off himself, Nick Hogan nearly killed himself drag-racing, and a bigot Idaho senator got caught in “lewd” bathroom acts with another man.

And yet, I feel moved to run this new picture of Rumer Fucking Willis at the LG House in Malibu. I think I’m fascinated by the flatness of her stomach. I have to share it with all of you.

I just want to say, for all of you commenters out there who feel obliged to mention that I need to get a life, and that it’s really sad that this is what I do/think about all day: I know. I know that, guys.

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  • Some of us don’t mind that you don’t have a life. If you get one, that means we’ll have to get one. And I just don’t want to yet.

    So keep on keepin’ on, Beet!

    And yes, Rumer has a wonderfully flat belly. I’d like to cook pancakes on it.

  • Well I think you’re great! I love your site! :)

    Damn, this chick is so ugly, poor thing. You know her parents must feel so bad. Obviously they BOTH had plastic surgery because those kids are damn ugly. Maybe she should grow her hair so she can cover some of her face.

    You’re right, body is tight. Only thing goin’ for her…..maybe she has a good personality.

  • I don’t think Rumer’s ugly. To me, she looks interesting. She may have an odd head shape and quite a big chin, but I like her squinty feline-like eyes. Killer bod, I must say.

  • Who is Rumer with? She looks like someone I work with. On second thought it could be the weather lady on my local channel. I get those types of people mixed up.

    I wouldn’t call Rumer a complete knockout, but I wouldn’t call her ugly either. She’s got an interesting look. I hope she does well so we don’t have to hear about these other bitches anymore.

  • Great body on Rumer … but a bit too much of her father in her face. Kissing her would be like kissing John McLane … I couldn’t do it.

  • Get a life!

    Btw, you can have mine. It’s a bit scratched and has a few dents, but it is still quite usable.

  • looks like potato head rumer has been on the hollywood coke diet. And i dont mean soda pop. Ya, she is a complete brown bagger buttaface.

  • poor Rumar, though I wouldn’t say that she’s ugly. If it wasn’t for her boyish hair and rather large chin I think she’d be rather attractive.

  • yeah poor thing…her face needs a complete over haul…lips, cheek bone implants, maxillofacial surgery to widen her face a little and give it some definition, and probably some rhinoplasty. i wonder if they have a way to sand her jaw down? orthognatic surgery maybe?
    at least she does have lots of money, fame, pretty skin, pretty sparkle eyes and a nice body and really cool parents and an awesome step dad…it could be worse.
    unfortunately all the kids got bruce’s big egg shaped head and need to consult with a plastic surgeon a.s.a.p.

  • Man, she looks like Demi Moore with Bruce’s jaws. With such manly jaws, she could probably play professional football.

  • U know wat i think lots of ppl’s comments r out of place i mean she didnt choose to look that way n she didnt have a choice being born into a famous family . why do u keep bringing her down, i mean wat if it was U . she isnt a total beauty , but that doesnt mean she wont get better looking . she has a lot of things going for her n shes not “ugly” at all. thats just stupid saying she’s ugly cuz there’s a lot of things pretty bout her- maybe it doesnt always show in some pics. anyways, i think lots of ppl r jealous of the fact that she’s bruce’s and demi’s kid n that she is who she is.. now thats really ugly to me , just sick cuz it shows how “nothing” ppl are .

  • does anyone know where she got that bracelet? the white one with the holes in it. thanks. but yeah i agree with you, very flat stomach. lol.

  • She’s got Jay Leno’s chin, kind of ugly but not a total dog. Can’t believe she’s Demi’s kid. The other two sisters are not as bad as this one..


  • She does not have big chin…she has dad’s little mouth. Flat tummy good…no hips to hold the skirt…bad. It makes her belly button look CENTRALLY place on her midriff, rather than low midriff…and her pooch is about to start barking!

  • Sure she isn’t a total knock-out, but she’s not terminally ugly. She’s just going through an awkward stage. She will most likely get better looking.

    Honestly, the commenters here who are chastising the others for making fun of rumer, can you honestly say that you’ve NEVER EVER EVER made fun of an unfortunate looking person?

    Everyone does it at some point, we just can’t help ourselves.

    And no offense, but why would we be jealous of her?????

    Fame is NOT everything. And having famous parents is not a big deal. Really.

  • Tbh, to all the people who are asking what right we have to judge her, and that it’s not her fault, I think we have every right. She chooses to spend the majority of her life in the public eye, and there’s lots of celebrity kids who choose not to. We just obviously don’t hear about them! She has had a thousand percent advantage, in comparison to people trying to break into showbiz, with double A-list parentage (triple if you include Ashton Kutcher!), a million dollar upbringing, and any sort of looks enhancing tricks that it’s possible to have. So, yes, she has a flat stomach and a decent (strongest terminology i can use) body, with good skin. Along with the personal trainer. And the most expensive dermatologist in L.A. or wherever she is. So i don’t think we can feel sorry for her. Because she has chosen this, and she has a “higher quality of life” than most of us. And she is still fuck ugly in my opinion. Good for her. I am not jealous or pitying.
    oh! And Mielda, YES i think i’m prettier than her!

  • All of you have proved the old saying,
    “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

    Personally I think she’s very pretty, and her belly button is right where it should be – at her waist. Also, the skirt doesn’t fall down because I believe she has a little something going on in back. You know, like a little round butt, lol. All in all, she’s OK in my book. Thanks for the pic.

  • personally i can’t even look at her for very long without being disgusted with how horrid she looks. i really don’t care what responses i get to this since i won’t ever be back on this site i just found it googling stuff.

    but really rumer has a nice body and that is it. NOTHING about her face is pretty and i just watched her in sorority row and that is what really got me realizing how ugly she is. poor girl.

  • She’s fugly, OMG She’s hideous looking and we can criticize her all we want cuz she CHOSE to be in the public eye, I mean, doing movies, and going to parties where’s there’s a lot of paps, and besides, she acts like she’s hot, like she’s Eva Longoria or somethin’


  • Honestly, people
    I think you should stop bitching about her
    It doesn’t matter if she isn’t good-looking, or if she is.
    And she’s not trying to act like she’s “hot”, DieGODiego, she has something you call self-confidence. And I admire her for that. If she wouldn’t’ve had self-confidence, she would probably be crying in the corner somewhere because of all you bitches bitching her out like she’s some whore.
    It’s not her fault she was born to 2 celebs, and isn’t great shit to look at
    So, I suggest you guys go groom your own selves and those “pretty faces” you think you’ve got before you go around judging people you don’t fucking know

  • @Markus I get your drift on where you were going there. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to. Where I struggel is balancing it all out. How do you guys balance things out?

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  • My mate and I were just discussing this subject, jane is normally trying to prove me wrong! I am about to present her this particular write-up and rub it in a little!