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More Details About Owen Wilson’s Suicide Attempt


Update: Wilson had an unlikely hospital visitor: Samuel L. Jackson! Check out video here.

This is the path Lindsay Lohan’s on!

The Insider is reporting that Owen Wilson, who attempted suicide on Sunday, has a history of depression and drug and alcohol abuse. He spent time in the Hazeldon rehab center in Minnesota seven years ago.

Owen’s stayed sober and healthy for awhile, but apparently recently he’s fallen off the wagon and, now, into a hospital (where he’s in good condition).

I remember back when he was dating Kate Hudson, reports surfaced about he, Kate and brother Luke tossing back shots at an LA bar. I didn’t run the story. I thought to myself at the time, “This must be made up — I thought he was clean and sober.” But maybe they were the truth…

Why on earth would his brother be tolerating him drinking if he knew he had a problem?

And why would Kate?? She has yet to comment about any of this. She’s been linked recently to Dax Shephard, and photos surfaced earlier this month of the two of them sucking face.

There will certainly be much more to come of this story …

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