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Who’s Hotter: Jason Schwartzman or Adrien Brody



The two of them showed up in Beverly Hills last week to do a press conference for their upcoming Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling Limited, which also stars Owen Wilson (but you can’t vote for him) and Natalie Portman (who is clearly hotter than any of these people).

So I’m looking through these pictures trying to decide which of them I should focus this post on. “Who’s hotter?” I asked myself. “Jason Schwartzman or Adrien Brody?” And what I decided is that I’m not sure. So I’m putting it to you guys. Let me know.


adrien1.jpg jason2.jpg

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  • Jason is the best! I did his “grooming” (hair and powder) for part of his press tour after he did “Shopgirl,” and he’s adorable, sweet, funny, kind, and a great singer (he sang a Beatles song — All My Lovin’ — when I asked him to close his eyes so I could powder him). He’s a doll. The hottest doll. That sounds pervy, sorry.

  • Lets define Hot.
    Winning the 2002 Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist” made Adrien Brody the youngest performer ever to achieve that honor. That’s HOT!!

    Who has had the leading role in at least 12 movies he’s done? Adrien Brody!! That’s HOT!
    Who exudes sexiness with his gestures, movements, and personality? Adrien Brody. That’s Super HOT!!
    I agree with Carry & Ann, Adrien’s photo was not as flattering as Jason’s.

  • er, is that a trick questions love? Adrien. Adrien. Adrien. and, if you didn’t get the gist yet..Adrien.

    He’s the ultimate epitome of male hotness.


    Are you kidding? Adrien Brody is dis-gust-ing.

    Jason is cute, funny and talented.

    I can’t believe you even asked this question.

  • Jason Schwartzman
    Jason Schwartzman
    Jason Schwartzman
    Jason Schwartzman

    pant pant pant ….


    He’s funny in a way that makes me feel pleasantly uncomfortable.

    Adrien Brody is icky. *shiver*

  • Adrien hands down!! No two ways about that .. these poor confounded people. don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

    Adrien Brody is GOD.

  • While watching darjeeling limited i was asking myself all the way Jason? Adrien? or Owen?? hmmm….

    best would be all three at the same time :)

    But if i had to chose, hell yeah – jason is a delicious bar of white chocolate… yesss

  • if i ha to choose i’d choose both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they’re both so cute!!!!! :)

  • Jason Schwartzman of course!! he is very hot, Adrian Brody is too thing, is talented but is not hot, Jason is the winner!!!

  • Duuuude, Jason EASY!

    I think it’s just cuz he’s so cute that I wanna squeeze his face!

    And he’s funny, Adrian to me has no personality….

    I think the tallly is even…I just counted and including my vote it’s Ten for Ten!

  • What kind of question is that?

    Obviously it is an insult!


    Hot, talented, handsome, charming, touching, beautiful, amazing, funny, nice, modest, has style, but is not single! (Elsa Pataki: I hate you) …

    … whatever, ADRIEN BRODY is much hotter than jason

  • They’re both like AMAZINGLY (and underratedly) hot IMO, but this is so Adrien’s. Sigh, all the things I’d do to that man…

    *covers lap with pillow*

  • They are both cute! I am a huge fan of Adrian Brody though so I can’t say that they are equal. I am biased.


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