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Still Playing Daddy for the Cameras


Travis Barker takes the kids to lunch at The Ivy — where there’s sure to be photographers — on Robertson yesterday.

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

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  • He’s so ugly. Please, post warnings before posting pictures of him. I find him unsettling.

  • Travis Barker’s daughter is a cutie. Must take after her mum. Was he EVER a hottie? He’s just a hot mess, now…

  • i think he’s cute as hell. i love the tattoos. i normally don’t like guys like this, i prefer jocks, but damn. hes a hottie, for sure

  • travis is a legend wat are you on about! im not gay but hes not exactly ugly is he ur over reacting probably because ur jelouse

  • i think travis is an inspiration for the new drummers….i’m drummer.- I love him…traviisss!!!! I adore you!!
    LoL :D

  • Travis Barker is fckn sickk :) hahah WTF, he’s playing daddy cause he IS a daddy! hahah stupid peoplee. His children are beautiful if I may add :P

  • Travis Barker was named the hottest dad in Maxim Magizines, also I agree he is still playing daddy, because he is a daddy.

  • wow…after all this time and still just as hott!!!
    i really enjoy his music…to all u haters-up ur ziggy with a wah-wah brush!!!
    to all u lovers-hellz yeah keep on keepin on!!!

  • ^________________^ i only like him because he is a GREAT drummer, you are all talking about how cute he looks and stuff :P whahaha (im a guy btw, im not gonna say that xD) so yeah, i like how he drums ^____^

  • I think he’s absolutley amazing. He’s an insane drummer. I’d bang him in a second too.

  • i think he is the hottest guy to play the drums for blink, and they should get back together.

  • Omg! y dus every1 giv him a hard time?! hes a dad 4 godsake, he cnt even go out wif his kids wifout gettin picked on about it!
    well i fink hes an awsssuummmm drummer nd fit!
    nd if u dnt fink he is then u ppl need glasses!

  • I love Travis Barker soooooooooo much.!!

    I would love to meet him anyday.! I’d so do him (even though he is a father)


  • WTF playing a daddy…he is a daddy and alwayz will be a daddy!!!!! and Get Well Soon…hope all goes well….
    thats soo sad:'(…

  • Travis is a very nice person and he truly adores his children! Why must some reduce him to just a piece of hotass? Seriously, no matter how sexy he may be, none of us will have the opportunity to be fucked senseless by him. He is hardworking and just plain good! ‘nough said :-)

  • I think travis barker is one of the best fathers on earth…because he cares for alabama and landon…by the way I think he’s a hottie cause he’s cute as hell ;)

  • I think travis barker is one f the best fathers on earth, cause he cares for alabama and landon…by the way travis is a hottie…he’s cute and sexy as hell ;)