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Congratulations to Sarah Thompson!

Sarah Thompson Marries Brad Kane, Wedding Photos Pictures

Sarah Thompson, who plays Rose on Seventh Heaven, was married this weekend in Santa Barbara to screenwriter Brad Kane (the People article doesn’t mention this, but he also did the singing voice of Aladdin in the animated film, which I think is about the coolest claim to fame anyone could ever have).

“It was breathtakingly beautiful,” she said. “It was amazing to be surrounded by the people you love the most.”

I have to admit that coming across this article on was one of the strangest things that’s happened to me in my career as a gossip blogger. I’ve known Sarah since elementary school. The last time I talked to her she had just become engaged. I remember when we were kids she would write in my yearbooks that I’d see her on Broadway one day. Jesus, Sarah, I just saw your freaking wedding photo on Oh, the places we go!

Congratulations on everything, Sarah. You deserve it.

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  • i thought the singer was donny osmond? geez my disney trivia is fading. i know the voice was steve from full house.

  • It’s an out of body experience witnessing friends get all big and famous.

    One of my girls is comin’ up right now. But my lazy ass has yet to buy her album! I’ll have to hear her tunes when she makes her scheduled Today Show performance. Isn’t that shitty?!!! Haha.

    • don’t worry sweetie he’ll be your after i take sarah rip all her clothes off and rape her till she can’t walk can’t wait to screw her legs and suck her titties

  • no offense to him but he looked so much better back then. theres this video on youtube where u can see him and the girl who sang jasmin recording “a whole new world”. he doesnt look anything like he used to…well,i think so anyway. congrats to them tho

  • can’t believe this is brad now!!!
    brad, you were fantastic in a whole new world
    with lea salonga! amazing video!!


  • I think it’s cool that they got married and they’re both professionally connected to Joss Whedon, haha. Brad had two roles on the show ‘Buffy’ (one in “Prom”and the other was just his voice in “Superstar”) while Sarah played the character “Eve” on the spinoff show ‘Angel’. I thought it was a neat coincidence, anyways:)
    Congrats!!! Oh, and the wedding pic is stunning by the way!

  • i just got done watching some movie sarah was in something about a serial killer and she played a cute little sherrif, i did not know she was on seventh heaven i just knew her from angel , she is very beautiful and damn sexy i might add, way to go brad (bastard). no seriously she is smokin. oh by the way the movie was called ‘brutal’. fitting because it was brutal to watch.