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PerezWatch: Why’s He Hating on Brent Bolthouse?



Weird. Perez ran the top picture (of Paris Hilton) today, with one of the logos on the backdrop (obviously) erased. Below it you’ll find a picture of Kim and Sean Stewart from the same event. The logo he erased was Brent Bolthouse’s. What’s the drama there?

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  • He’s a dirty-fat-slob nothing no matter how much he talks trash and tries to appear to be something..

  • I think people have gotten sick of Brent Boulthouse’s constant self-promotion on the Hills. There’s even a drinking game circulating in which you drink whenever Brent Bolthouse promotes his club-promoting company.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!! How can you say that!!!!!! Brent Bolthouse is sooooooo sexy!!!!!!! DO you know how many people he know i mean come on he is the ultimate party date. NOt to mention that for 38 he is one of the hottest guys ever!!!!!!!!! Something about him is so sexy and cool that its a privlage to be seen with him!! you guys just need to stop hating!!!!!!!!!!