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Francis Bean Looks Just Like Kurt Cobain, Pics Pictures Photos

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  • You anonymous idiots must be well aware your comments are pathetic if you won’t put your names to them. She’s only a teenager for f#!* sake and even you moronic losers would’ve had puppy fat at that age, so go have another diet shake and keep on pointing your disapproving fingers at people who are more beautiful than your rotten, blackened souls. Leave the poor girl alone, she’s put up with enough crap in her life already, and is as beautiful as her father was.

  • At least she’s better looking than all of you that’s calling her fat. Hey, I’m fat, and don’t give a F**K. She don’t have to be skinny where her bones shows.

  • I must be the only guy here… but i think she’s cute, and she’s got Kurt’s chin all right and those freaky eyes; luckly she doesn’t have Courtney’s empty expresless face but setting that aside; its ridiculous u call each other fat without knowing each other, ur oviously completly weight complexed and i guess you feel the same for any other phisical aspect of yourselves. Thats just sad, its the sort of shit Kurt went crazy about… its just shows how shallow u all are…

  • I think that you people that are saying shes fat like girls that look like Paris Hilton and are so descustingly skinny that their bones are sticking out of their skin! You people that think shes fat makes me sick! She looks perfectly fine. She isn’t fat at all she looks like the perfect size that ever girl should be at!

  • aww, she has kurt’s facial features and thats so awesome b/c kurt cobain is awesome, anyways, shes not fat, how do you people know its not just b/c its the clothes shes wearing or the camera? exactly- you don’t. you people say things like you love kurt but you talk stuff about his daughter? if he was still alive i dont think he would like you very much. either way, shes still his daughter and thats not going to change no matter how much you dont like her.

  • Who in the world do you people think you are if you say that Francis doesn’t look anything like Kurt. Just put a damn picture of him up next to that picture of Francis and then tell yourselves that she doesn’t look anything like her father. I love Kurt and everything he did not only for music but for the world in general and any of you who disrespect a beautiful young lady like that by saying that she is fat are just straight up disrespectful punks. So wat if she has a little wieght on her. IT IS JUST A FAZE THAT TEENAGERS GO THROUGH!!!

  • frances is beautiful and looks like both of her parents. sometimes she looks just like kurt, but sometimes she looks just like courtney. mostly she just looks like herself. i have my own opinions of the whole courtney/kurt thing, but i really think its just awful that this poor girl has to put up with all the awful things people have to say about both of her parents. i dont think she is in the least bit fat, and everyone should just ignore the people who are saying she is. they’re just trying to piss you off, don’t give them the satisfaction.

  • Well, she certainly put on weight. She is overweight, if you ask me, but not excessively so. Exactly at this age she shouldn’t be- she would develope self-consciousness nobody needs, grown-ups or teenagers. Francis certainly has this problem now because Cortney is struggling with her own weight, too. Alas, if our parents can’t handle their weight, it is a battle for life for us children, too.

    Good news is, Francis shouldn’t need too much efort to get rid of the extra pounds. They are indeed not SO many, but calling this weight “healthy” is a serious ignorance of what health actually is. I hope Francis will do it! And I hope she will be happy…in her life.

    • she’s not skinny, but definitely not overweight. talking about her having to loose the “extra pounds” or that her wight is unhealthy.. that’s just ridiculous, and also kind of scaring because it shows the sick ideals of today.

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