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Francis Bean Cobain Looks Just Like Her Father, Pics Pictures Photos

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  • in this picture yes she looks like kurt but in others photos with courtney love she does look like her as well so its a good mix but i think she definetely has kurt’s eyes for sure. its not that chilling tho that’s just a definition you added. cheers and peace…

  • It’s cazy, because at first, I heard that there were chairs up against the doors and he shot himself. Then I heard that there were no chairs, the gun was too long for him to pull the trigger (unless he used his feet), there were no finger prints, and the cops found copies of Kurt’s handwriting where Courtney had been practicing it. Why would she practice his handwriting? Oh yeah, and he died instantly with his shoes on, so he couldn’t of used his toes or feet to pull the trigger. Also, I heard that Courtney released information on how he wasn’t her “true” love.????? I don’t know.

  • someone wrote above that thanks to courtney, frances will never know her father? are you kidding me? Kurt didn’t kill himself because of courtney…people should look into shit and know what they are talking about before they make comments like that

  • give it a break people…he DID kill himself, it was selfish and wrong but he did it. STOP with the conspiracy theories for crying out loud. People did the same thing when elvis died and any other celebrity…they are dead and let them rest in peace. Try reading ‘Heavier Than Heaven’

  • I’ve read Heavier then Heaven, along with his original journals. I’ve read it all and I don’t care. No one can prove he did it. Just like no one can prove he didn’t. It wasn’t selfish of him. Kurt was not selfish. He was the greatest. How can you call him that?! Yeah, it sucks that he did it, but no one’s gonna change it, and Yeah, Francis does look just like Kurt. I wish she would take on his role of being a rocker.

  • Don’t read “Heavier Than Heaven”. This is the book authorized by Courtney Love. What do you expect her to say in it about the death of Kurt? Personally I believe she is the primary suspect of Kurt’s death. I recommend this book “Love and Death” to you. After you read it, you will believe Kurt was murdered.

  • how pretty is she?! she could kill with those eyes.

    p.s. kurt didn’t kill himself. try reading other things than heavier than heaven, those are courtney’s lies just feeding straight into your brain.

    notice how everyone who’s read it is like, “oh he committed suicide” whereas people who’ve looked at something courtney hasn’t infested thinks otherwise…

  • Why don’t u all become private investigators and solve the fkn mystery yourselves..i mean my god..u’ll never know so why ponder it? Doesn’t change a thing..Courtney love will always be trash..period. My opinion of her as a mother is so low it couldn’t get any lower if she killed him or not.

  • She probably ‘knows about her father’ Ms. Stephanie. Probably better than you do. I think what you meant was you wish she knew her father. Yeah.
    Anyhow, she looks like the bride of chuckie in this picture. Frightening.

  • This IS a cool pic of Frances. & yeah she’s cute but this is the only pic where that lieing backstabbing bitch of Courtney Love hast tried to make a replica of herself on Kurt’s kid. Even if she didn’t actualy kill him or complete Kurts letter as a suicied or any of those things she’ll never admit to & well never know; she was defenetly not the right person for him or else he’d be now with his friends and daughter. She didn’t make him feel any better; i think she fucked him up worse for that she is to blame with evidence. But what really pissis me off is that Frances is growing up and raised with a Courtney mentality; even style. Kurts only offspring being raised by that twisted bitch that drove Kurt even crazyer. That cocky self centered ego maniac arogant personality is what she might become and that would be the last straw… Theres no going back on that. I would have loved her being that fragile tender sensitive pondering humble way Kurt was. I’d like to know how she thinks more than the looks; cuz it wouldbe heart breaking if she’s become a Courtney 2…

  • Hello! Sorry for my bad english, i’m from sweden. I think she looks alot like Kurt Cobain but why would she not? He is (our was) her father. Everything you have been saying about Kurt killing himself ore not. I don’t know that much about it but he was unhappy and deprest av took alot of drugs so everything was pointing on him killing himself. But shure, he might was murdurd. It was 14 years ago, the shoud know by now.
    And Frances probably know alot about Kurt Cobain. And why is it Courtney loves fould? She didnt kill hem, ore, probably not. I hope frances are very proud of her father even if he killed himself. He was an awson musicmaker (don’t know the real word for that) and hes music have filld alot of hearts. I also hope she understand that he was unhappy and why he killd himself. Thats my thoughts, i hope you understand, i will say it again, i’m from sweden and my english are very bad. And I whant to say sorry for me using the word alot alot, *laughter*
    Hugs from Maja

  • xD im from germany but i know…the word is musician,at first i din´t know that,too.:D
    and you´re so damn right,he was a great musician.
    but if frances knew that courtney killed kurt,she wouldn´t be hand in hand with her mother…^^
    i think she(frances)knows more than everyone of us..

  • lmfao
    If you guys think Courtney killed Kurt…
    your just silly. Kurt always wanted to kill himself.
    was pretty much always depressed.
    He loved Courtney and Francis a lot, but they couldn’t save
    him from himself. A depressed person is a selfish person.
    they can’t help it in that state. expecially when it is so severe.
    and allcaltes with drug abuse. Read heavier than Heaven of course,&
    Kurts puplished journals..He talks about suicide often,tries to kill himself, and almost suceeds, FAR before Courtney was ever in the picture, and before he was famous. Read courtneys diaries too cuz they’re very good. : )

    • they arent selfish they are fed up with how the world is and really shouldnt be.
      plus his wife was cheating on him with the front man of the smashing pumpkins. he was filing for divorce from courtney love when he died and had taken steps to write her out of his will. so yeah. lol another misinformed person.

  • for gods sake!
    ok courtney love was messed up with the drugs & stuff
    but shes had a rough ride ,you know?
    shes still a person
    what gives anyone the right to judge others esp. when you don’t actually KNOW them
    and,sorry if i’m mistaken, but i’m under the impression that none of you know courtney or knew kurt? (& i meant like you know a friend not ‘his music really like felt like he was talking just to me’ ) so how can any of you assume that she killed him
    it’s a stupid theory started by that wacko investigater!
    & if you beleive it then you’re all either really niive or have great imaginations (as i don’t think you were actually in the room when he died…..)

    so yeah, of course, thats just one girls opinion……

  • Courtney didn’t kill Kurt… She loved him.. They both had drug problems.. and when on drugs and depressed and possibly have bi polar disorder like Kurt the suicide rate is very high. He wanted to join the 27 club he even joked about it with his mother. He bought a gun just a few days before he killed himseld also..Theres just to many reasons to believe he did.. Very sad….

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  • Jesus, she has nothing of her father. Look at her mother, those BIG EYE’S are Courtney’s. Also, Francis is a real brunette. NOT Blonde like her father. She is freaky looking. Her eye’s are too glazed, and look like a dolls lifeless, glass, eyes. Gross. Sorry, and those thick eye brows which often do not match her hair are so hideous, and look like Madonna, before she found tweezers. Thick eye brows look good on certain people, and she is not one of them. Especially, considering she looks 99.9% of time like Courtney! People all talk like they know both Kurt, and Courtney personally. You NEVER know a person truly. Everyone can make their own assertions, and think they read, an opinion, or two, and they know something, but no one, but GOD knows truly what happened that day! I just find from many things, evidence, that someone did kill him, but, like I said, only GOD would know 100%. The case file is not in my hand, and a lot of BS has been said to the media, with everyone’s opinions, and BULLSHIT added so the case has been botched from the get go! You know how sick of a world we live in when you have people imitating a celebrity’s suicide. The reality is, you never know a person, or his inner, deepest, secrets, just like most Serial Killers people believe them to be “normal” with no issues, and then again, they have a hidden side. So, make your own life better, and quit worrying about people, who you think are “nice guy’s” “understand you”, blah, blah, I have heard it all. For GODS sake’s they all do know how to make money off of you! America is a country way to obsessed with Hollywood, and all its evil!!! How about furthering your education instead from the 7% of people only going to college, and 5% who happen to graduate!! All the best from Germany!

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