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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Bit Large

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  • what the f*ck is your problem?
    are you jelous or something?
    I swear, you have a big problem!
    jesus, there’s something wrong with you!
    God jesus get a life!

  • First of all, she is NOT fat, and actually average for her age. Secondly thing’s like this is what puts stress on people to try and be the skinnyest thing they can be, and make a lot of girls suffer to be thin.
    She perfect the way she is. It takes all sizes to make the world, everyone changes a little.

  • I have to admit the dumb ass who said she is average for her age is funny so when your 90 you should tip the scale at 300 wha wha wha she is letting herself go period. the only reason I came across this site is because I wanted to see a sexy pic of her I think she is beautiful but these pics prove to show that she’s getting her meals supersized!

  • She is definitely fat. There are pictures of her in a bikini with her fiance. She IS fat, just not obese. She is thin by american standards which disgusts me. If you don’t think she is fat you are obviously trying to make your fat ass feel better.

  • To the jackasses who think this is a fat woman-dont be such a bunch of douche-bags. She’s a WOMAN you twits! She’s supposed to have curves. Hell, she could put on another 20 pounds and still be more humpable than you pathetic, whining losers will ever be.

  • Are you kidding? She is a size 2. That is one size bigger than the smallest size most clothes come in. Where exactly is her fat? I think she looks great in this picture.

  • Wow, so I’m guessing Nicole and Paris are the standard female forms in the universe?

    Oh no, wait…its the amazon looking women on the runway.

    No wrong again…Damn it!

    How the hell is JLH fat???? Please get real! Ok, shes putting on a few more pounds therefore she doesn’t have the same body she had back in Party of Five! Come on guys!

    This is really really sad. We have to accept that women do have curves. If she were to become morbidly obese, then I’ll step aside and let you guys rant!

  • Wow, so I’m guessing Nicole and Paris are the standard female forms in the universe?Oh no, wait…its the amazon looking women on the runway.No wrong again…Damn it!How the hell is JLH fat???? Please get real! Ok, shes putting on a few more pounds therefore she doesn’t have the same body she had back in Party of Five! Come on guys!

    This is really really sad. We have to accept that women do have curves. If she were to become morbidly obese, then I’ll step aside and let you guys rant!

  • It’s just that JLH looks a little fat in the ass for a young Hollywood dudette. She looks good with makeup and clothes on. Without, it only adds to her problem of a fatty cellulose butt. The girl next door looks better than Jennifer and she just works for an insurance company. If we wanted to go see average slightly heavy girl we would just go to any American mall. Hollywood types, especially young girls are supposed to look good! Looking good is part of their life style. JLW needs to get a trainer before her nipples start pointing south.

  • As “realist” said, I am astonished at the level Americans are in denial about this obesity problem they are facing nationwide.
    Ok, she’s not to blame or to laugh at, she’s not obese or anything, but unfortunately, she’s chosen a profession meant for only a select few, and pefect shape is in the job description, I guess.
    I’m Romanian and up untill 5-6 years ago, due to lack of fast-foods all over the place, most of my compatriots were relatively muscular/healthy. Now the situation’s degenerating : chips, Coke, Mc Donald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and you see a whole lotta fat people around, much more than before, so please STOP defending this way of life or saying stuff like ” fat is nice, I luuv some junk in the trunk, she’s not fat at all-she could still gain some 20 pounds and be sexy”, and start getting some exercise and learn to cook at home, for God’s sake and quit fast-food stuff.

  • I have a diet for her – she eats nothing but my cock for three months, and I whip the shit out of her every night.

    She’ll be looking trim and fine in no time.

  • um…i’d still take her if i were single. whaddya kiddin’ me here? fat? rosie o’donnell is fat. and she’s a bitch. what jennifer is sporting is just fine. can we all use a little touch up or slim down? yes. so the glass house has some holes in it. gimme some of what jennifer has to offer no matter what. because she’s wicked cool and still majorly do-able. now if she packed on 100lbs, then we’ll talk. i still say “eat it if it’s there, because ya never know when it won’t be.” thank god i have food. now put down those stones and go do some pilates.l

  • i think it’s really sad for people when the way they pass their time is by bashing about people who don’t even know they exist. so what if someone gains or loses weight? how would you like it the second your body changes or you do something it makes the tabloids? for goodness sake, leave the poor girl alone. if she’s happy with the way she looks, then let her be. fucking hypocrites. i bet your all fat asses for sitting on the computer all day ranting about celebrities. go get a fucking life.

  • I think you people are fucking crazy if you think she is fat . She is a bad ass white girl . Thats whats wrong with people now a days . They dont know how to appreciate a full grown women . I think a white girl , especially JLH with an ass like that is sexy as hell . You could have so much more fun with that ass . Something to grab on to and play with when your in the bed with her . I would fuck the shit out that ass all day and night . Even use that ass as a pillow. You dont really see alot of white girls with big asses in the business like her . So I got much respect for her . Keep doin what you do babygirl . Ive always been a fan . You must be doing something right because they just haten like a motha fucka . Its probably some skinny ass no eating type looking bitch who has been trying to shit on you because they cant stand to see there own reflection . FUCKIN HATERS !!!!

  • Jennifer is not fat by anyone’s standards. Hollywood has unrealistic expectations that humans were not intended to healthily meet. I would kill for her body. It’s crazy how people get off on sending horrible messages to our youth. Would you want your daughter or sister almost killing themselves in order to be a -2 pant size? That’s what we can expect when we publicly call a thin celeb fat for no reason! If she’s considered fat, the rest of us don’t have a chance. And those girls will be chasing an impossible standard their entire lives, and as a result being miserable for it. And even if Jennifer were actually fat, who gives a crap!

  • Great another smut gossip site,just what the world needs. Whoever wrote this article calling Jennifer fat is either gay or an ugly bitch. Oh and go fuck a pine cone for wasting internet space with another shit gossip site. You people are pathetic wastes of life. You are human garbage and your Moms pussy smells like sardines.

  • I really want to know how big the person is who thinks she is fat…bc you better have a fucking perfect body not one stretch mark or one dimple not one piece of fold in your skin to call her fat!! take a good look in the mirror bc i guarantee you arnt perfect…im a size 00 and i dont have a perfect body…so does that mean that im fat now too?

  • haha everyone pissed all over you after you opened that bag of cats… shit stop being a catty woman and start appreciating women in that profession that arent scared to put on a little. i bet she is probably still smaller then the average “thin” woman.

  • everyone gets to have a time where they’re a little bit heavier than they were before. she could loose it if she wants… she knows how.
    it’s not like she’s that big… she just like an off season athlete. everyone gains weight when they stop playing.

  • I still think that Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful. Mind you she fired back saying “I’m a size two. A size two is not nor will ever be fat” Unfortunately she does not look like she’s a size two. I love her, I love her show, she’s absolutely gorgeous but she’s embellishing by saying a size two. I’m a size three in pants and I weigh 110 lbs. I’m not bashing her. If I was I would be saying some pretty rotten things on here but I’m not because I actually adore this girl, I’m just stating a fact. Still beautiful though.

  • Oh yes and just to make sure no one takes this the wrong way…she’s not fat!! I never said she was fat. The only thing I said is she’s not a size two. Still not fat and still one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Let’s face it. Jennifer didn’t get rich and famous because she is a tremendously talented actress. She has gotten where she is because she had a smokin bod and a cute face. Live by the sword, die by the sword. She’s loosing that body and packing on the pounds. It will spell disaster for her career. And by the way, there is no way in hell she is a size 2. I think the sales clerks in her favorite boutiques have been changing the tags on her clothes so she believes she can actually still squeeze into those teeny tiny 2’s.

  • You have to bash somebody else who is just barely larger then perfect just because you haven’t been able to step on a scale and read the numbers off yourself without moving your stomach out of the way? Seriously, spending your life critisizing others that, I’m sure are much better looking then you could ever dream of being, so I say you should put down the dorito bag and get off your dildo and actually contribute to society you worthless scum.

  • Hollywood needs to stop saying people are “fat”. Jennifer Love Hewitt is still a hell of a lot skinnier than i ever have been, and i’m a slim person. The media ought to start focusing on how healthy a person is, rather than how well they can see a persons bones.

  • what planet are YOU from? She probably doesn’t weigh more than 130. She looks gorgeous. I guarantee you if she shot a men’s mag that same exact day, posed nicely (not even airbrushed) you would be DROOLING over her. :D

  • I noticed this at the beginning of this season of Ghost Whisperer. The did a lot of waste up close-ups on her every once in a while they would to a head to toe shot and you could see her hips got big. The goofy outfits they put her in sometimes did not help either. Her hips and ass got really wide. From the waste up she is fine. I guess everything goes to her hips. It’s ok by me she is still gorgeous.


  • lol is all i can say , she’s not fat however she aint as toned and taught as she used to be but i still think she’s hot & dont worry im sure she’ll have the personal trainers having her back to her old self soon

  • if i had a body like hers i w0uld b da happiest gyal eva..
    since i was b0u nine ive alwyas admired her b0dy.. she amazing i l0ve her 2 bits..
    and im guessin b0ys d0 aswel…she g0t curves.. w0man ur amazing

  • Women are SUPPOSED to be a little plump(Im not saying fat) to be in good health.
    Since we are the ones being pregnant, we are supposed to have some reserves of fat for the baby, and thats reality.
    If you check a doctor’s stats(in canada, qc), a woman like me, 5’3 and 20 years old, I can weigh from 117 to 127, or 120 to 130. I weigh 124, 130 in winter, so lets see what I look like, and lets see how many people who will insult me on this site, even if my school doctor says Im fine and in perfect health to be pregnant and be sure of my baby’s life. JLH is plump, not fat, and even if she could lose aorund 10lbs, it doesnt mean that she’s UGLY.

  • i am absolutely disgusted that society has come to this!…she is certaintly a talented actress who shouldnt have to be a size 000 because frankly that is unreasonable she isnt even close to being fat…her percentage of body fat wouldnt even be close to being fat…she is beautiful even if you cant see all her vones protruding through her clothing.

  • I have to admit since I have always seen pics of her that looked so tiny it was strange to see a pic of her with a bigger but and thighs so out of shape. However she is human. But this shouldnt happen until early menopause sets in. I am forty and this has just started to happen to me. She may be taking medication for something.

  • you know what, she is one of my favorite girl artists. and she might of gone a little chunky, but thats no way to respect her , you jealous peace of shittt!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!

  • Thats funny because the person who wrote this is most likely American which means you wouldnt know the meaning of fat you would only know the meaning of obesety !!!!! And when I went to America almost every single person there made jennifer look like she is majorly belimc !! Its not fear when fat people call thin people fat just because they are jelous ! And of you are thinking that well this person is fat, then your wrong because I’m 14 and I weigh 40 kg and I love my healthy foods.

  • She looks like a woman is supposed to look. Women are supposed to have curves and she has some beautiful ones. I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pure blessing to look upon. I am glad I have eyes that work. Besides looking amazing, she amazes me in person as well. I enjoy listening to her in interviews. She seems to be one of the few successful actresses that has not let Hollywood go to her head. I may be wrong, but she seems pretty genuine to me.

  • I am thinking that the camera is exaggerating some too. I mean, I am betting she is smaller in person. The camera adds to me too and I can squeeze into size 3 stuff. I have a body like hers. Small top, curvy bottom area/thighs. It’s obvious she has gained weight. I noticed that in the Hanes commercial. But probably not as much as the camera is making it out to be. Besides, she is a woman. That means curves and I think she is healthy now. She was anorexic looking before.

  • Listen up, people. She is overweight, period. I’ve got the cred to say that because through diet, exercise and rigorous self-discipline I have never weighed over 105 and I’m 47. She is not a size two; yes, extra pounds DO matter in terms of health; and getting defensive solves nothing. Saying she looks hot and could even gain another 20 pounds only perpetuates the nation’s problem with obesity. The average woman is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 147 pounds. The ideal, life-extending weight for women is 100 pounds for 5 feet tall, then 5 pounds for every inch. So the average woman is almost 30 pounds overweight, and if you visit your local mall you can see this is true.
    JLH has packed on at least 20 pounds since POF and she needs to run, play tennis, Spin, kickbox and hit the circuit weights.
    I’m healthy, energetic, toned and enjoy life without cheesecake, fried foods and ice cream. My husband adores me and I have no regrets about being self-disciplined. Get healthy and go for it, JLH!

  • A Bedroom somewhere in Hollywood

    “oh yeah oh yeah push it in push it up squeeze ma titties smack ma ass”
    “err Jen?”
    “”Yeah oh fuck me harder”
    “have you stopped going to the gym?”
    ” What?!”
    “I think you’ve put on some weight”
    “WTF, your screwing THE JLH are you mad?!!!”
    “Yeah I suppose your right”

    This scene will never occur, in this world or the next

  • I don’t understand the contoversy that has been generated over a young woman’s weight.
    Jennifer is a beautiful lady who will continue to “turn heads” whether she is young or old, fat or thin.
    Maybe she is enjoying a period of contentment in her life where she feels valued and loved.
    If she is less concerned in recent times about the comments in celebrity magazines, because she is appreciated for who she is, and the enjoyment she has provided through her talents then I say “Good for you Jennifer!” – I believe she represents an idylic role model for the young women of america.

  • I wouldn’t say she’s fat, I would say (like so many other comments above) she’s gained some weight; and because of her body type it shows a bit more around the mid section. What’s wrong with that really? If everyone had the same body type, there would be no variety in the world, nothing exciting and new. I would say the most important thing (for any woman) is health, and as long as you are healthy that’s what matters (no matter what body type you are). Women should celebrate their uniqueness, as long as you’re not hurting yourself (e.g. anorexia, obesity) then I don’t see what the big deal is. And by the way this is coming from the mother of a two year old, up until getting pregnant I always naturally skinny (104lbs. 5’10) after I had my son I have stayed (130lbs. 5’10) and in shape. People’s bodies change over time (men and women alike) accept and move on.

  • Fat?
    WHERE?? And I’m not kidding, not being obnoxious or a smart-ass; WHERE is she fat in this picture?
    Okay, in the bikini-in-the-surf picture, she shows a LITTLE flab at the top of the thighs, but as I said in my post there, YOU work her schedule on GH and see what YOU look like after two years, even starting with her figure from Party of 5 and Heartbreakers! And I say that even though I have no idea what you look llike and don’t care; you could be Twiggy circa 1965, or The Michelin Man’s sister, and you’d plump up AT LEAST a little from lack of oppportunity to exercise!
    But IN THIS PICTURE, THIS 56-YEAR-OLD Dirty Old Man can’t find flabby-spot ONE, let alone FAT – and I’M TRYING! And Tits DON’T COUNT – They are NOT Fat – although they ARE adipose tissue.
    And PLEASE; do NOT throw these 100 lbs at 5’4″ BS stories at me; THAT CRAP is so much BALONEY from the Health Food NAZIS. I don’t eat sticks and twigs, my DOCTOR doesn’t eat sticks and twigs, and that’s the END of that discussion, PERIOD!
    JLH needs a chance to get some exercise, yes; she DOES have some flabby muscles from lack of exercise. FAT? Beyond that NATURAL layer of fat that EVERY HEALTHY WOMAN has under the skin, less than 2 mm thick – NO!
    As I said before – Get A Life.

  • i think the so called “realist” needs some help.. jen’s fine just the way she is… i dont see you lil miss realist on t.v…. HA this is what you said… “If you don’t think she is fat you are obviously trying to make your fat ass feel better.” … well you must be one fat ass cuz jennifer is not.. i think you need to get a reality check.. lil miss thing.. not everyone as to be anorexic to look good.. duh.!

  • Hey all of you who think that JLH is fat, ARE WANKERS, WHO THINK A WOMAN NEEDS TO BE SKINNY, TO GET A BOYFRIEND…well, IT’S NOT TRUE!!! she is a beautiful woman, and she is not 15 anymore…GIVE HER A BREAK!! Jennifer, know this, all your fans all over the world love you for who you are, not for how many pounds you have…

  • Okay, she has a few kilograms more, but she is still not fat !!
    I work everyday with women who talk all the long about nothing else then their weight !!!! Empty people !!!!

  • I’m amazed at several things. First of all, the second someone has a criticism of someone else, over half the responses say, “You must be jealous!” What, are you nine years old? Did your mommy just tell you that about the other kids who made fun of your haircut and you just had to use it out here in grown-up world? Second, I don’t give a shit about what JLH looks like, so I’m not saying this because of her or what a bunch of assholes in some shitty rags think of her. I think you people are seriously deluded if you think you can be healthy AND overweight. Now, get your head out of your ass and realize, just like I said a sentence ago, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT JLH AND AM NOT SAYING SHE’S FAT. I just think if people keep slothing around with bags of fast food stuck in their folds and saying, “It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round” then we might as well just end the human race and save our kids and grandkids the suffering. Third, I hate it when people try to defend someone or something and feel the need to throw around personal insults that they would have no way of knowing. If you say, “You people need to leave her alone,” then you’re fine. But if you say, “You people need to leave her alone. You’re a fucking fat-ass loser and your mother is a piece of shit whore,” then you look more like a loser than the person you’re trying to insult. Again, are you nine? Do you need to insult people when you disagree with them? I think there’s more of an intelligence problem in this country than an obesity problem. And that plays into my last point. Finally, if you’re going to insult someone or defend someone else, spell everything correctly for Christ’s sake. You fucking morons calling other people morons does nothing but make me laugh and then get angry at you for wasting my oxygen. And now do you see how it all works? Or should I write it down in crayon so you might understand it better? See? In this case, I can call you all morons because you’ve proven it to me in over 80 messages. Have a nice day.

  • OMFG th picture where she’s on the phone is fake, photoshop.
    just type photoshop in youtube and see. and even if she was a little bigger who cares, even without make-up she’s the most beautiful girl on earth

  • You are totally right..! Don’t act so stupid all you commenting people…It’s obvious that she is way fatter than she used to be, and indeed FAT by Hollywoodstandards, not by AMERICA standards cause, well yeah, it’s the most obese country in the world, you unhealthy dudes !!! WELL SEE YA, and uuh stop talking shit

  • Are you kidding me I would tap that so hard it isn’t funny. She is sexy and hot and not fat. Pardon her for not being anorexic. She has the perfect weight and just the right size and I would wreck that chic.


    It’s the Scrubs Faty Dance


  • She’s so fat when she jumps up in the sky she get’s stuck


  • Jennifer has a very nice body, but that’s not what I like the most about her. It’s her mind and personality.

    She has staying power as an actress and I do see her staying in this field for years and years to come.

    I do not even want to dignify a response to those idiots calling Jennifer idiotic adjectives and descriptions.

    Jennifer, you have way too many people in your corner rooting for you!


  • come on! Dont exaggerated guys! It was just her observation and it’s true. She really put on some weight but i think it’s not too bad^^ the pictures are just a bit unfavorable. She’s still a beautiful women, LUV HER!!

  • I’m a guy and totally LOVE Jennifer’s pear shape and big ass and thighs. Good on her. Someone ought to congratulate her. Heck, I will. Congratulations, Jennifer. You look GREAT!! Your shape is lovely.

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