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Open Letter to Rosie O’Donnell


Dear Rosie,

Children who are conscripted into the armies of the world have no choice. They are drugged up, given weapons and threatened with their lives to fight for causes that they themselves don’t even really understand.

I have a book that you need to read. “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.” Hopefully after reading this you will be less flippant about showing pictures of your young child dressed like a child soldier.

Vivian Rose is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t deserve to be used for you to make a point. I don’t know if you have ever known anyone who has fought for this country or if you respect those who join our armed forces to defend America’s freedom but I would hazard a guess that you have not.

I understand that you are against the war in Iraq and the current administration. Being shocking and inflammatory doesn’t get people thinking it rather polarizes people. Protest smart Rosie. I always thought your little blog was amusing until now.

Think before you post and remember you are comedian not a social commentator. Leave that to those with college degrees.


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    • It’s not just a matter of my opinion, it’s a matter of public opinion, Rosie O Donnell does “not’ have talent. The idea that O Donnell is obnoxious to get attention is not a talent. And it’s certainly not the meaning of the word comedian.

  • Yeah, for the record, I’m gonna respectfully disagree with Evil T’s analysis here. I’m by no means a Rosie fan, but I do see what she was going for.

  • Come off of it—-it is a little kid dressed in a costume, playing army—-you can go to any town in America and find kids—-both boys AND girls doing the same thing. Would you say these things about Rosie if it was a boy dressed this way—probably not. I have 4 sons and a daughter that all loved playing Rambo’–they also had those plastic bullet things like Vivi—it didnt seem to hurt them—I bet YOU that wrote this article even played Army as a kid—give it a rest—

  • I am open minded but I just don’t agree with using your children to make a point.

    Honestly the image disturbed me because children getting conscripted into armies in this world isn’t a funny thing. It wouldn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl. There was something behind her posting this…and I respectfully disagreed with it.

    Read the book. It will make you think a lot.

    Rest assured I am not turning all Elizabeth Hasselback on you… I just don’t
    agree with the way that Rosie makes her point. Though I do respect all viewpoints

  • I’m thinking there is a difference in letting your children play dress up and using them for your own political statement. She obviously does not care who she offends and I think she’s disgusting.

    Although, as unfortunate as it may be, this is what our soldiers are fighting for.. OUR freedom to be complete jack asses while they’re lives are on the line. You don’t have to support the war, but you SHOULD support the men and women who have given their lives to fight it for you.

    Way to go Rosie, I’m sure this will make them so proud. She’s such a waste of space.

  • I find it interesting that you make assumptions about what she was trying to say with this. As a daily reader of her blog (yes, I take ownership of my loserhood)…I truly you are totally taking it out of context. It’s art. Lighten up. Read the Ask Ro Q&A and her responses.

  • yeah but she knew it would cause uproar.
    there is a difference playing “war” as an average kid growing up no one but my parents saw me, rosie who is against the iraq war and vocal posting the pic is doing it for publicity.

  • Well said evilT! Rosie views the world is extremely narrow and she leaves no room for understanding situations or even compromising for that matter. Her views are far to radical and using a child to express her clearly skewed vision of the world is nothing less then absolutely disgusting. The picture of Viv did nothing to help her argument here – it’s done nothing more then offend family members of those fighting to protect our freedoms. Our freedom that allows her to speak out against the government and protest the war. Word to the wise, if she is going to protest at least understand the full scope of your actions and argue with solid information not some made up garbage you concocted on feelings not fact. She really needs to use her brain a little bit before spewing out all the garbage she speaks!

  • Why should it cause uproar? It’sa freaking photo of a child playing soldier. In a world where real children are soldiers. It meant something to her and she shared it. Now it is being spun like crazy. Weird world we live in. Open your minds. She never does interviews how can you call this a publicity stunt?

    Watch Paris tonight. She will set you free.

  • You may ask, because you have the freedom to do so. Next time you see a soldier, thank him for his or her service to your country.

    “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” – Ronald Reagan

  • Your brains are warped by your media. Try watching the news from another country, you may find how different it is and some of you with a brain may realise YOU ARE BEING MADE INTO A NATION OF IDIOTS THAT CAN BE MADE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING WHEN SAID IN THE RIGHT WAY!

  • I saw this pic doing a report of affirs overseas. My first thought was, ‘No!! Now where are they using children to fight??? This is NOT right!!!’
    Then I read the other comments. My thoughts turned differently. They went something like this, “Oh wow, way to offend ALL the families of soldier’s who never come back.’
    This….person is using a child dressed as a soldier to make a point. Maybe it would work if children WERE NOT being used as soldiers. I find this VERY offensive.
    (P.S. I am 16 and know it is wrong. If this….person is what, 30ish?? and does not know, then she must be…….)