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George Clooney’s Overall Hotness May Destroy Italy

George Clooney is Hot

I knew it would come to this at some point. When someone is so sexy that they make the human torch look like a wet blanket people are bound to get hurt. And since George lives in Italy those people are Italians.:

ROME (AP) — George Clooney has joined a protest to stop construction of parking lots and a promenade in the northern Italian lakeside town where he owns a villa because he fears his presence is turning the quiet town into a tourist attraction.

You see, the town of Laglio has become besieged by people just hoping to get a little taste of the two time “Sexiest Man Alive.”

The article points out that Clooney recently signed a petition to derail a construction project that would have hurt the locals’ fishing boat harbor.

“My concern is that this village that has stood for hundreds of years would be destroyed simply because I happened to have lived there for the last six years. I told my neighbors that I would do what they wanted. And it seemed that they didn’t want to demolish the harbor where all the local fishermen keep their boats,” Clooney said.

I definitely commend Clooney for taking action, but I wonder exactly how long he can be contained. The hotness seekers will come for him, and it will take more than a petition to keep them off. Heck, it could take a full brigade of the Italian army.

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  • I have a simple solution for this. Show his Facts of Life episodes on a Jumbotron erected in the main piazza of the town.

    Neighbors and tourists alike will see him for the suck ass actor he is and everybody goes back to leading a normal life. Including George, I hope.

  • Dear UgliestGuy,

    Exactly! You big, handsome, ugly, man you.

    Write back soon,



  • Dear LAMO!,
    Oh, but you’re just….. **’sheepishly turning around, hands clasping face, running away in utter shyness’**.

  • Dear UgliestGuy,

    Awww…you’re just as cute as an ugly button! :)

    Why does this blogflirting feel so right, when I know it’s soooo wrong?

    Alas, our love can’t go on for I am betrothed. But we’ll always have this comment thread, and George Clooney’s big inflated noggin.

    See ya around. ;)

  • Boys, boys…

    Jealousy is sooo unbecoming… Such a turn-off to us ladies!

    Dissing George won’t make him any less perfect or you any more handsome, smart, charming, kind, talented, considerate, honorable, adorable, sweet (Oh, dear! I may not have enough room to fully credit George!). Well, you get the picture.

    Soooo… while you two boys have your bromance founded on ass-chapping envy, we girls will just go right on appreciating George.


  • George is an overrated actor…who doesn’t really act. Why women flock to him is beyond me. And I AM a female so there!

  • Honey (yep, that’s you),
    George is so so so HOT that I can feel his mascline heat in chilly li’l ol’ England right now … phew … sombody better call the fire dept. before I melt …OOOwwwwweeeeeee