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The Sheriff Thinks Paris Should Be Out


News conference on MSNBC right now… a few of the high notes:

According to The Sheriff:

Paris should be out of custody, and any other person charged with her crimes would be out on house arrest already.

The judge asking for medical records (the judge wanted to understand why she’d been released on medical reasons) was illegal because Paris never gave written permission for the release of her medical records. She only gave verbal permission which led to some confusion.

The Sheriff has been in touch with psychologists, and that’s the “medical” advice he took into consideration when he released her to house arrest. No one was aware of Paris’ psychiatric problems when she was initially incarcerated.

If the Judge wants to make an example of her The Sheriff will follow that order.

The Sheriff believes the incarceration of Paris is completely out of bounds, due to jail overcrowding, and her psychological issues make her jail time a complete mismatch for her crime.

A couple of times Sheriff Lee said “The only special treatment she’s received is that she’s been kept in jail far longer than anyone else would.”

Basically it seems as though Sheriff Lee wants nothing to do with this. His opinion is that she should be out on house arrest due to both her mental state and overcrowding. He made both points over and over throughout the press conference.

One of the commentators wondered why the lawyers didn’t originally bring up the “medical” issues before she was put in jail in the first place.

And now Rev. Al Sharpton is on MSNBC championing Paris headed back to jail.

This story can’t get stranger.